Take Care Of Your Feet This Winter!

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Did you know that taking care of your feet can help you to prevent many painful foot conditions and problems? This is especially important in the winter, where cold weather, harsh conditions and restrictive footwear can cause extra complications for already overworked feet.

Winter is a busy time for many people, and it is often hard to find time for self care. Remembering to look after your feet is vital, however, and will help you to prioritise staying healthy throughout the season. Read on for our guide to caring for your feet throughout the winter months.

Establish A Great Foot Care Routine For The Winter

Here are our top tips for winter foot care:

  1. Wash and dry feet daily. Keeping your feet clean is the first step towards keeping them healthy and in great shape. You should wash your feet with soap and dry them well, especially between the toes. It is often helpful to apply a moisturising cream every day, especially when the weather is cold.
  2. Choose shoes that are non slip. Icy surfaces can increase the risk of injuring your feet and you should be aware of the importance of your footwear choices. You should wear shoes that are supportive and have good cushioning as well as a non slip sole, and ensure that they fit your feet properly and do not rub. If your feet are cold when you are inside, choose slippers or thick socks to give them a break from structured shoes.
  3. Wear socks made from natural fabrics. Wearing socks that allow your feet to breathe can hep to avoid problems caused by overheated, damp feet. Thick socks that are made of wool or cotton can help to wick away sweat and keep your feet warm and comfortable, as well as reducing the risk of blisters and the build up of bacteria that can cause athlete’s foot.
  4. Rest your feet. Whether you’re pounding the pavements in the sales or standing all day at work, it is vital to give your feet a break when you can. Take the time to put your feet up whenever possible, to help with circulation, and give yourself a regular foot massage to reward your feet for all their hard work.
  5. Protect your feet when exercising. January is a common time for people to begin new exercise programmes, and this can lead to a high number of foot injuries. Most of these are due to wearing incorrect shoes, although many injuries also result from failure to warm up properly and lack of stretching.

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