Taking Care of Tired Feet

3 min read

We all have sore, tired feet once in a while.  Maybe you had a long, fun day out shopping or walking around the park.  It’s not uncommon to experience sore feet after spending more time on your feet than usual.

For many people, sore feet are a result of their job.  Standing in one place all day, like a store cashier, can really make your feet ache.  Running back and forth all day, like a nurse, is exhausting as well.  If you have frequent foot pain, you may need to make some changes to your habits.  You can’t easily give up your job, but you can change the way that you care for your feet.  Switching to more supportive shoes, particularly with orthotic inserts, can make a big difference in the amount of pain that you experience at the end of the day.

Anyone who has sore feet can benefit from a little pampering.  Check out these tips for taking care of tired feet.

  1. First, rest!  When your feet are sore and tired, it’s a sign that your body needs to rest.  Lie down somewhere quiet and comfortable.  You may want to set your alarm just in case you fall asleep.  Turn the lights down, and make sure that the temperature is comfortable.  Put your feet up on some pillows.  Ideally, your feet should be elevated so that they are higher than your chest.  This will help to relieve tension from the feet and improve circulation.  Try to rest for at least 15 minutes – longer than that is even better, if possible.
  2. Soak those tootsies.  Fill the bathtub or a bowl with warm water.  You can add Epsom salts or any type of scented bath salts that you like to the water.  If you don’t have salts, a few drops of essential oils are nice, too.  Let your feet soak until the water starts to get cool.  If you have corns or calluses on your feet, this is the perfect time to file them with a pumice stone.  Remove your feet from the water, and towel dry them thoroughly; be sure to dry between the toes so that you don’t get foot fungus.  Afterward, apply lotion to moisturize the feet.

Note: Epsom salts may not be suitable for everyone, so see your doctor or pharmacist for advice on these. Diabetics – always test the water temperature & seek advice from your doctor/chiropodist before treating corns/calluses & applying lotions etc.

  1. Give your feet a massage.  You can do this while you are sitting on the couch and watching TV.  You just need a small ball, like a golf ball or tennis ball.  Place the ball under the arch of your foot, and roll it back and forth with your foot.  You can also use a cold bottle of water; the coldness of the water feels soothing on your feet, which is a nice bonus during your foot massage.
  2. Work it.  You can stretch and strengthen the muscles in your feet with some easy exercises.  Get a bunch of marbles and a bowl.  Practice picking up the marbles, one at a time, using your feet.  Then drop the marble into the bowl, again using your feet only.
  3. As a last resort & if the above tips don’t work, it may help to take an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory.  See your doctor/pharmacist for advice on this.

If you experience foot pain on a regular basis, you should see your doctor.  Your doctor may wish to do an examination or run some tests to rule out an underlying cause for your foot pain.  He/She may also recommend that you visit a specialized shoe store like Foot Solutions, where you can get comfortable, supportive shoes and custom arch supports.

If you have foot pain, visit Foot Solutions today.