The Effects Of Ageing: What’s Happening To Your Feet?

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As we grow older, we are often very aware of changes in our skin and our bodies, but many people do not realise that changes take place in the feet as well. Your feet are vital to your general health, since they play such an important role in keeping fit and active, and looking after them throughout your life will help a great deal as you get older.

Here at Foot Solutions, we know that keeping your feet in great shape can improve your health and wellbeing, and we can help you with this. Our approach includes scanning and measuring your feet, and using a combination of well-fitted shoes, comfort socks and custom arch supports to resolve any discomfort and keep your feet feeling great in the future.

 How To Prevent Foot Problems As You Age:

 Prevention is much easier than cure when it comes to the health of your feet. Problems such as fallen arches and hammertoes are very difficult to treat, so learning how to take care of your feet when you are younger will have many benefits. Even if you have neglected your feet in the past, however, the following tips will help you to prevent further damage and make sure that your feet are as comfortable as possible.

  1. Wear good footwear. Poor quality or badly fitted shoes can do extensive damage to the feet. For example, bunions and hammertoes are caused by fashion high heels and shoes with narrow toe boxes, while shoes that are too big can lead to collapsed arches. When you visit a specialist shoe store such as Foot Solutions, you can discuss your experience and your lifestyle with our expert fitters and find shoes that offer the best support and comfort for your feet.
  1. Be aware of reduced flexibility. Our feet are a great deal more flexible when we are younger, and it is important to increase the cushioning and protection around them as we age. You may find that custom arch supports make a big difference to how your feet feel in shoes, and it is important to have a professional fit your shoes as your sizing can change throughout your life.
  1. Boost your circulation. Poor circulation is often a problem as we age, and this can have a negative effect on the health of the feet, increasing the likelihood of injuries and the time these take to heal. You can give your circulation a boost by taking regular exercise and elevating your feet above your hips every day. If this is a particular problem for you, you may find that support tights are helpful.
  1. Don’t ignore pain. Pain in the feet can be a sign of an underlying health concern or a symptom of an injury, but ignoring it can only lead to greater problems. Get any pain checked out by a medical professional and do not allow it to worsen as this could lead to further complications if you begin to change the way you place your feet when you walk, for example. A professional appraisal at Foot Solutions can be a great way to check that your feet are in good shape, and many different types of foot pain can be resolved through good shoes, comfort socks and custom arch supports.

 Take Care Of Your Feet With Comfortable Shoes in Ireland

Visit Foot Solutions for professional fitting advice and measuring, and let our experienced team find the perfect solution for you. We offer a wide range of services including customised arch supports and comfort socks, so begin to take great care of your feet today!