The Top Perfect Christmas Gifts…For Your Feet!

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Christmas is fast approaching. If you (like most of us) have yet to start on the festive shopping and are really struggling for inspiration, then don’t panic, help is at hand. Here are our favourite Christmas gift ideas…for your feet.


Festively Fabulous Gifts for Your Feet


Foot-related gifts make the ideal gift. After all, they’re far more interesting than your average DVD or piece of jewellery!


Here are our favourite festive foot-inspired Christmas presents for you to buy your friends and family.


Top Gifts for Feet


  1. DIY Pedicure kit. Most women really enjoy having a pedicure, but it’s a common complaint among busy mothers and career women that they simply don’t have the time to visit their nearest salon. This Christmas, get them a fantastic pedicure kit for them to use at home. Look for a really luxurious one that contains lotions, oils, files and cuticle tools, to ensure that your loved one feels really spoiled.
  2. Thai foot massage. If your husband or wife complain about sore, aching feet, a Thai foot massage is sure to be the perfect present for them this December 25th. It’s a traditional technique, dating back thousands of years, and is excellent for the circulation and for easing painful muscles. If you don’t want to pay out for a treatment in a spa, why not create a ‘voucher’ to be redeemed at home, and then learn to give them a Thai-style massage yourself?
  3. Foot Solutions gift voucher. One of the best gifts that you could possibly give a loved one is the gift of healthier, happier feet. Foot Solutions now offer festive gift vouchers, which can be redeemed against any pair of comfort shoes in store; and there are plenty of types of shoe to choose from; from supportive running shoes to glamourous heels.
  4. Luxurious slippers. There are few experiences more relaxing after a hard day in the office than easing into a pair of comfortable slippers. Chances are that your loved one is still wearing the same slippers they’ve been wearing for years, and they’re starting to look a bit threadbare. Now is the perfect time to update their comfort evening footwear!
  5. And lastly…novelty socks. Well, okay…perhaps not novelty socks. However, they’re always an amusing stocking filler!


Gift Vouchers: Exclusively at Foot Solutions


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