Top Tips for Foot Care While Travelling

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When you’re travelling, you may experience problems with your feet due to prolonged periods of standing and walking, or wearing shoes that are not ideally designed to be hard wearing. You don’t want uncomfortable feet to cause foot pain during your travels, so take a look at our quick guide to caring for your feet while you’re on the move.


Top Tips for Foot Care While Travelling:

2.    Don’t walk around in flip-flops. Flip-flops deserve a special mention since they are potentially so harmful to your feet. With no arch support and little cushioning, they do not protect your feet from the dangers of dirty or hazardous floors, and they increase your risk of tripping and injuring your feet. Pack a pair to walk around the pool in order to avoid fungal infections, but don’t consider them as a footwear option at any other time.

3.    Take care of your feet. When you’re travelling, you need to ensure that you take adequate breaks to keep your circulation moving and stretch your legs. Every hour, you should walk around or stretch your legs, feet and ankles, and you may find that compression stockings or socks are useful to prevent swelling during long flights or drives.

4.    Be aware of injuries. Taking care of your feet while you’re travelling means being alert to any potential problems and treating them instead of allowing them to worsen. Carry a first aid kit containing bandages and a means of cleaning injuries, and don’t put off seeking medical attention if you need it.

5.    Eat well. Did you know that your diet could affect your feet? Don’t go overboard with salty foods or alcohol during your travels, as these can cause dehydration, and be aware that new foods can sometimes cause problems for your body if you are not used to them. For example, consuming a lot of red meat, shellfish, high fat sauces or excess alcohol can cause gout.

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Keeping your feet in great condition while you’re travelling will help you to enjoy your trip and ensure that foot pain doesn’t hold you back. Visit Foot Solutions for professional fitting advice and measuring, and let our friendly staff team help you to find solutions that will keep your feet comfortable while you’re away.