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All Varomed shoes & slippers feature one common aspect: they offer solutions to even the most demanding of feet. To name only a few: stretch inserts for hallux valgus, removable insoles for customized orthotics, extra width for bandaged feet, practical fastenings technology for people with impaired mobility.

60 years of experience and knowledge have helped to develop and manufacture shoes that offer creative and innovative solutions to many foot problems.
Varomed® , the perfect shoe to accommodate a variety of problems: Be it for patients with dressings or bandages, edema or deformities, this very special product meant our successful start on the orthopaedic market. By now we offer around 100 different models for the most different of indications: starting from customers with hallux valgus to patients suffering from peroneal nerve injury and foot drop as a result of apoplexy.

While searching for the best solutions to medical indications or to orthopaedic demands, our modellers and product designers always have the design in mind as well; they try to combine style with functionality.

Availability of styles, colours and sizes may vary from store to store.

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