What Shoes Are Good For My Bunion?

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What Shoes Are Good For My Bunion?


At Foot Solutions this is one of the most asked questions.


Women of all ages come hobbling into the shop telling us they can’t stand the pain from their bunion any longer. They plead with us, “Make this pain go away!” And we are more than happy to help.


 During our consultation, we will often look at the customer’s shoes and often this is a dead give away to why they are experiencing this bunion pain


Whilst high heels and pointed-toe shoes, too-tight shoes and too-small shoes are all shoes that will aggravate a bunion, Ballet Pumps are just as bad. Customers are often quick in with ‘but I don’t wear high heels’; however what they don’t understand is that it’s not just high heels that contribute to their bunions.


Getting the right fit for the width of the foot is perhaps the number one most important trick, also arch supports can help to alleviate excess pressure off the bunion joint.


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