What’s Causing My Bunions?

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A bunion is a hard, bony lump, usually found at the base of the big toe. This can be very painful, and may restrict your movements and affect the type of shoes you can wear. Once you have developed bunions, there is no easy solution, and surgery is the only way to correct the problem. However, there are many ways to prevent bunions from forming, and, in this case, prevention is certainly better than cure.

If you already have bunions, don’t despair as there are measures you can take to relieve your pain. Here at Foot Solutions, we can help you to find an answer that makes it easier for you to move around and supports your foot without putting pressure on the painful area. Our approach includes scanning and measuring your feet, and using a combination of well-fitted shoes, comfort socks and custom arch supports to resolve your discomfort.

How To Prevent Bunions:

Preventing bunions is much easier than treating them once they have formed, and taking the following steps will dramatically reduce the likelihood of developing them.

1. Wear good shoes. Most foot conditions are linked with poor footwear, and bunions are particularly caused by high heels and shoes with narrow toe boxes. These crush the toes together and push the bones out of alignment. When you visit a specialist shoe store such as Foot Solutions, you can talk to professional fitters about your experience and your lifestyle, and find shoes that allow for additional support and can accommodate the bunion without putting pressure on other areas of the foot.

2. Check your family tree. Bunions are often a hereditary problem, and if your parents or grandparents suffered with them, the likelihood of developing them is increased. If you know that this has been a common problem in your family, it might be helpful to visit a podiatrist to discuss preventative measures.

3. Protect your feet. Foot injuries, such as a broken toe, can also change the shape of your foot and make bunions more likely. Ensuring that foot injuries heal correctly and that damaged areas are well supported in the future could help to prevent bunions developing as a result.

4. Be aware of inflammation. Many older people suffer with arthritis and this, along with other conditions such as diabetes, can cause inflammation in the feet. Swelling can contribute to the pressure that forces the big toe out of alignment, making bunions more likely.

5. Act quickly. Many people find that their bunions become worse over time if they do not seek advice soon enough. If you have noticed a bunion beginning to develop, you could try using toe separators to realign your toes or wearing splints at night to correct the alignment of the bones.

Prevent Bunions With Comfortable Shoes in Ireland

Visit Foot Solutions for professional fitting advice and measuring, and let our experienced team find a solution that works for you. We offer a wide range of services including customised arch supports and comfort socks, and your feet will certainly feel the difference!