What’s wrong with Flip Flops?

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Cheap flip-flops may be the perfect choice for around the poolside, but for walking or wearing for extended periods of time, they can damage your feet significantly. Flip flops simply can’t offer enough support to the delicate bones, tendons and ligaments in your feet, and are best avoided as a footwear choice.

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What Are Cheap Flip Flops Doing To Your Feet?

Flip-flops are a popular choice amongst holidaymakers, and if you are looking for poolside footwear, you may still be adding them to your shopping list. We would advise against them as they are so potentially damaging to your feet, but here’s our checklist of the most important things to avoid when you’re choosing flip flops or sandals:

  1. Lack of support. Most flip-flops, especially cheaper versions, have thin soles that are flat and offer no support to the feet. This means that your feet are not being cushioned against impact with the ground, whereas footwear with proper shock absorption can protect your feet and prevent injuries or repetitive strain.
  2. No arch support. Wearing shoes with no arch support can cause your ankles and feet to roll and move inwards as you walk, straining soft tissues on the bottom of the foot. This can leave you with pain in your heal, arch, knees and lower back, which is a good reason to steer clear of flat flip-flops and sandals. Styles that have a more supporting sole, with cushioning for your arches, are much more supportive for the feet and a much better option to choose.
  3. Thin straps. The thin straps that are standard on a cheap pair of flip-flops can cause big problems for your feet. They commonly rub against your skin, causing irritation and blisters, and leaving you at risk of infection from open wounds. If you must wear flip-flops, choose a more substantial style that boasts a wider strap for comfort.
  4. Stiff soles. In a cheap flip-flop with a rigid sole, the foot cannot bend in the way that it needs to, and this will place a great deal of pressure on your joints. Conversely, softer soles do not offer the amount of support that the feet require, so an alternative option that balances cushioning with flexibility will be many times better for your foot.

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