Which Shoes Are Right For You?

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Foot Solutions Brooks Running Shoes

Foot Solutions Brooks Running ShoesMany problems result from squashing the foot into a shoe that is the wrong size or shape and does not allow for natural spreading throughout the day. Finding the right shoes for you can prevent damage to the feet and help to heal any problems that have developed.

It can be tricky to find the best shoes for your feet, and this leads many people to wear shoes that do not serve them well. Bargain shoes that are purchased online, and high fashion shoes that prioritize style over comfort, are two of the biggest culprits in causing foot problems. Check out our top tips for finding shoes that your feet will love, and treat your feet this year!

Top Tips For Shoe Shopping:

1.    Visit a specialist shoe store like Foot solutions. Don’t be tempted by online bargains that may not feel good on your feet, and only buy shoes you have actually tried on. You should talk to an experienced fitter about any problems you may be experiencing, and ensure that the shoes you are considering are a good option for your feet and your lifestyle.

2.    Choose comfort. The golden rule is that shoes should feel good on your feet, and you should never choose shoes based on how they look if they do not feel comfortable to wear. You need support in all the right places, and a good amount of cushioning and shock absorption, so you should prioritize comfort every time.

3.    Prepare for success. Set yourself up for a successful shoe shopping trip by planning to visit a specialist shoe store at the end of the day, when your feet will have naturally expanded to their largest. Finding shoes that fit you well later in the day will mean that you will never be cramming your feet into them and risking the problems that can occur when toes are crushed together.

4.    Consider the materials. Think about what your shoes are made of, and remember that synthetic materials do not allow your feet to breathe in the same way as natural fabrics. Leather is a good choice for shoes as it bends and stretches with the foot and allows air to circulate, too.

5.    Wear different shoes for different purposes. When you’re looking for training shoes, for example, you’ll have different criteria than when you’re looking for shoes to wear to work. Comfort should be the priority for all types of shoe, but you should consider how long you will be wearing each pair and how much pressure your feet will be under during activities you undertake. Shoes should be rotated, rather than worn every day, to ensure that feet can recover and bacteria do not develop.

Wear Good Shoes to Prevent Foot Pain

Here at Foot Solutions, we will discuss your needs with you to find shoes that suit your lifestyle, and we’ll ensure that they fit properly and suit your gait as well. We have a stylish range of footwear for all occasions and will be happy to help you find the best options for you.