Why Are Your Feet Hurting?

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When you’re walking around all day, or standing still for long periods of time, your feet are coping with a lot of stress and can begin to suffer. Your feet are carrying your whole body, and any time that your feet hurt, you’ll notice that the rest of you feels terrible, too.

The strain you feel in your feet is echoed throughout your entire body, so it’s important to pay attention to the signs your feet are giving you and try to minimise the damage they are sustaining. Looking after your feet may take a little thought and effort, but you’ll reap the rewards when you feel great all day long!


Tips to Stop Your Feet From Hurting

  1. Wear supportive shoes. It sounds simple, but many of the shoes we wear in everyday life are badly fitted and made of cheap materials that are unsuitable for supporting our feet all day long. Correctly fitted shoes made from a supportive material that lets your feet breathe, such as leather, can make a world of difference to your comfort and help your feet to cope with the daily strain.
  2. Add Arch Support. Unsupported arches can be extremely painful and lead to many complex foot conditions. Visit Foot Solutions for a professional opinion on the best way to make your feet comfortable, and to try a range of well designed arch supports and insoles that will transform the way your feet feel.
  3. Don’t stand for too long. If you’re doing a job that involves standing for long periods of time, try to build in periods of rest throughout your day and consider measures that could stop pain from building up in your feet as the day progresses. Look for high stools or chairs that could allow you to work while taking the weight off your feet, and if you have to stand, pay attention to your posture to minimise the damage your feet sustain.
  4. Take care of your feet. If your feet are throbbing by the end of the day, try to give them immediate relief when possible. Plunging them into icy water for ten minutes can refresh and stimulate them, allowing them to recover from their exertions, and a regular foot massage or reflexology session can work wonders for your feet as well as your general health.
  5. Don’t ignore pain. If you are experiencing pain in your feet on a regular basis, or the pain is unusual or unexplained, consult your GP to rule out any underlying problems. Well-fitted shoes can alleviate many foot problems but it is important to ensure that there is not an undiagnosed medical problem behind the pain you are feeling.


Finding The Right Shoes in Ireland

If you’re looking for a reliable and friendly shoe shop in Ireland, pop into your local branch of Foot Solutions and find out more about your feet! With professional fitters who can help with foot problems from genetic abnormalities to bunions, your feet will thank you for thinking of them!