Women’s Shoes and Foot Pain

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Ladies, do your feet hurt?  I think I heard a resounding “yes”.  Now, stop and look at your feet.  What are you wearing on those tootsies?  Could your shoes be the source of your foot pain?  If you are wearing high heels or shoes that don’t fit properly, the odds are good that your shoes are to blame for your foot pain.

Improper Shoes Can Cause Foot Pain

Most women are still wearing the same size shoes that they wore in high school.  Although you may not have gotten any taller since then, there’s a good chance that your feet are not the same size that they once were.  Common factors like aging and weight gain or weight loss can affect your shoe size.  You should have your feet professionally measured at least once a year to confirm that you are wearing the correct size.

Shoes that don’t fit properly and high heels can cause a lot of foot problems.  You may experience heel pain, bunions, and even deformed toes or nerve damage.  This makes a good case for having your feet measured and choosing shoes that fit properly.

When it comes to high heels, your feet will thank you if you avoid them as much as possible.  If you must wear high heels, choose heels that are two inches or less, and try to wear them for no more than a few hours per day.

High heels cause problems in a couple of ways.  First, they tend to have a narrow toe box, which cramps the toes.  Forcing the toes into this unnatural position can lead to bunions and hammertoes.  The heel itself is problematic, too.  It causes the Achilles tendon to shorten over time, which leads to heel pain and a loss of motion in the feet.

Choosing Shoes That Fit

Before you go shoe shopping, you should be prepared with a strategy.  First, plan to shop for shoes late in the day.  This is when your feet will probably be a bit swollen and larger.

Go to a shoe shop where they will measure your feet for you.  Have both feet measured – you may need a different size for each foot.  Don’t rely on a size tag to ensure that your shoes will fit properly.  You should always try on both shoes to make sure that they fit.

Your shoes should have 3/8 to ½ inch between the tip of your longest toe and the edge of your shoe when you are standing up.  Don’t ever buy shoes that are too tight with the expectation that they will stretch out after you wear them. This is sure to result in foot pain.  Look for shoes that have a rounded toe box with space to wiggle your toes.  A narrow, pointy toe box cramps the toes and can even cause them to overlap.

Exercising to Stretch Your Feet

You can also make your feet more comfortable by performing some simple exercises at home to stretch the feet.  A home exercise program for foot pain will stretch the plantar fascia and Achilles tendon.  Check out the exercises recommended here: http://www.active.com/fitness/articles/5-foot-stretches-to-prevent-injuries.  The only equipment that you need are a towel, a golf ball, and a step.

For many women, foot pain can be relieved by simply wearing comfortable, well-fitting shoes.  You may also benefit from using arch supports or orthotic inserts.  Foot Solutions UK offers a wide selection of comfortable, supportive shoes that are actually attractive, so that you want to wear them.  Stop in to Foot Solutions UK today to have your feet measured and check out our selection.