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Ziera are, and have always been, passionate about how their shoes look, fit and feel. So much so, that for more than 70 years since their family first started, they have been getting to know customers & their feet better. Ziera have made it their mission to find out what customers do, what they like, what they wear and how they feel.

Fashions may have changed over the past 70 plus years that Ziera have been in the shoe business, but their conviction that women deserve the best of both style and comfort is unchanged. This belief has seen Ziera evolve from their foundation in New Zealand to bring beautiful comfort to women around the world.

Ziera have combined years of experience, knowledge of materials and the intricate mechanics of the foot in their design. With this understanding of foot science they have developed the best possible solutions for women’s feet of all shapes and sizes. These shoes are made with maximum comfort, durability, and women’s feet, at their heart.

In other words, shoes that must live up to the every day demands of individuals getting on with their busy lives. Shoes that must look as good as they feel. Knowing that women want to express their unique style, wherever they are, whatever they are doing. Because Ziera believe that standing on your own two feet, being the best you can be, and championing what matters to you shouldn’t be painful.

The long and short (or sometimes the arched & wide) of it is: Ziera shoes are designed for you and what make you who you are. We hope you’ll feel like they’re made for you.

Availability of styles, colours and sizes may vary from store to store.

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