Arch Supports for Fallen Arches That Really Work!

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People who suffer from fallen arches are looking for remedies to this painful condition.  They often inquire whether arch supports can improve their condition.  Although fallen arches cannot be cured, you can find significant relief of pain and other symptoms by using arch supports.

What Are Fallen Arches?

Fallen arches are also known as flat fleet.  They can be present in both adults and children.  A normal foot has an upward curve that runs the length of the foot, also known as the arch.  The arch is made up of ligaments and tendons that run from the heel to the toes.  The ligaments in the foot and the tendons in the calf pull together to create the arch in the foot.  In some cases, the tendons do not pull as much as they should.  This results in low arches or fallen arches.

Either one or both of the feet can be flat.  Having fallen arches does not just affect the appearance of the foot; it means that the foot is not receiving the arch support that it needs.  This can result in pain and other complications.  Fallen arches affect a person’s gait, as the body weight is shifted to other parts of the feet.  If fallen arches are left untreated, a person can develop chronic pain as well as serious joint and foot problems.

What Causes Fallen Arches?

Many people acquire fallen arches as a hereditary condition.  Fallen arches can develop during childhood, or they can even be present at birth.  Fallen arches can also be the result of many other circumstances, including the following:

  • Wearing improper footwear that lacks sufficient arch support;
  • Wearing high heels;
  • Muscle damaged caused by foot strain;
  • Fractures or dislocations;
  • Ruptured tendons;
  • Nerve damage.

Symptoms of Fallen Arches

People who have fallen arches typically experience pain and discomfort in the feet, usually in the arch and heel area.  They might also be diagnosed with plantar fasciitis.  If you have fallen arches, you may find that it is painful to stand for long periods or walk for long distances.  You may experience swelling in the bottom of the foot.  Because the arch is not able to give the foot the support that it needs, pressure is placed on other parts of the foot.  This can affect the posture and limit the movement of the feet, even straining the ligaments and tendons in the legs and feet.

Fallen arches are believed to contribute to other problems, such as ankle sprains, leg pain, hip pain, and back pain.

Treatment for Fallen Arches

The best long-term treatment solution for fallen arches is to wear arch supports, combined with supportive footwear.  Arch supports help to mechanically replace the support that your foot is lacking.  You can relieve pain by applying ice and taking pain medication, but those things will only relieve pain that is already present.  If you wear arch supports along with supportive footwear, you can prevent the pain of fallen arches from occurring.

Choosing Arch Supports for Fallen Arches

If you aren’t sure how to choose the right pair of arch supports for fallen arches, it is a good idea to visit a specialized shoe store ( shoe shop)  in your area. Arch supports tend to come in a wide range of types & sizes, and they may need to be custom made for you if your foot pain is severe. The professionals at a specialized shoe store can help you find the arch supports that fit properly & address your condition, or even order a customised pair for you.

If you have fallen arches, stop by Foot Solutions for help in choosing the right arch supports.  We can help you find the solution to your fallen arches so that you can live your life in comfort.