Broken Toes

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Broken Toe

How easy it is to break a toe?

You are semi-awake in the middle of the night, on the way to the bathroom and you walk into the edge of the dresser, the bed, or maybe something hard, like the toy box, OUCH!!

The pain in your toe is excruciating as you make your way back to your bed. You can’t fall asleep again ’cause your toe HURTS too much. Sound familiar?  You have most likely broken your toe.


How a toe can be broken?

The scenario above is a typical example of a “traumatic” injury to the bones in your toes. Dropping something heavy on your toes can also be classified as a “trauma” injury.

A “Stress Fracture” is another way a toe can be broken. Stress fractures happen from repeated actions causing stress to the bones that can result in a “hairline” fracture. Hairline fractures often go undetected, as the onset is more gradual.

Sports athletes and dancers often have stress fractures in their toes, but they are not alone. Individuals with osteoporosis, flat feet, and excessive body weight can also develop stress fractures in their toes.

broken toeHow can I tell if I have Broken my Toe?

First of all… you will notice the pain in the specific toe or toes. The level of pain may range from a mild ache to a “sharp dagger-like” jab. If you are having trouble walking or bending the toe… there is a good chance you may have broken your toe. .

Look for swelling, inflammation, and discoloration in the tissues, as these can be indications of a broken or fractured toe. To find out for sure… a trip to your doctor to get an X-ray may be the only way to confirm your suspicions. Stagnant blood is a prime source of disease and poor health.


Four Tips To Help heal that Broken Toe

  • Ice packs at the beginning to reduce inflammation
  • Rest – Stay off your foot
  • Elevate the toes to reduce stagnant fluid from pooling
  • Important to have toe x-rayed

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