BROOKS Neutral Extra Cushioning Running/Walking Shoe

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The New Glycerin 12: Cushioning that Goes Above and Beyond

Calling all cushion-lovers and the neutral-footed! Are you seeking plush comfort and a form-fitting upper? Are you craving the Float experience? Look no further than the brand new Glycerin 12 (not in store yet but should be early July)!
The Glycerin 12 running/walking shoe goes above and beyond the standards of comfort to deliver over-the-top cushion by adapting some of the key technologies first introduced in the Transcend earlier this year. We completely re-imagined the Glycerin 12 so that it now includes fresh technologies that maximize plushness and smartly tune the shoe to a runner’s every step.
Some of the amazing updates to take note of are:
– A specially designed upper, using revolutionary 3D Fit Print technology, delivers a wrapped fit that conforms to the individuals foot.
– A new Ideal Pressure Zone construction underfoot distributes pressure evenly from heel to forefoot to maximize shock absorption and create an incredibly smooth transition.
– The Rounded Heel keeps the body in its optimal alignment by promoting a more efficient foot strike.
– And, as the second shoe in Brooks’ line-up to feature Super DNA, the Glycerin 12 offers a cushioned ride that adapts instantaneously to the runner’s stride.
While these features keep you running happy, you will also look great!

Glycerin 12 is a neutral shoe so ideal for those of you who need or wear orthotics!

The shoe is available in Foot Solutions stores . Try it out, and Run Happy today.