Bunions and what to do about them!

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isolated background of foot deformity called bunion deformity or hallux valgus

Bunions are a common foot complaint, whereby deformities develop at the base of the big toe and can cause pain and disability. A new UK and Australian study has shown that more than one in three older adults has at least one bunion, and that those with bunions are more likely to experience pain in other parts of their bodies, including their hips, knees, lower backs and feet.


What Causes Bunions?


Bunions are believed to be hereditary in most cases, with most people inheriting the problem from one or both parents. Having flat feet can also be a contributing factor to developing bunions, and wearing ill-fitting shoes can exacerbate or even cause the condition as well. High heels are a particular culprit, since their narrow toe boxes compress toes and force them together.


How Are Bunions Treated?


  1. Supporting the problem area. There are many different kinds of splints and supports available to keep toes separated and relieve the pain and pressure of bunions. This can help to reduce further problems such as hammertoes, which can be caused by bunions if left untreated.


  1. Wearing shoes that fit. Wearing shoes that have high heels or are not supportive enough for your feet can cause bunions to form and, conversely, wearing shoes that are correctly fitted and designed to relieve pressure on the feet can help to alleviate or solve the problem. Visit a specialist shoe shop such as Foot Solutions to see how much difference the right footwear can make.


  1. Surgery. If pain is constant or worsening, many people will be advised to consider surgery. This involves cutting the bone and moving it across to the correct place but up to 15% of people will still experience some discomfort in their feet after surgery and bunions can recur, so it isn’t a foolproof option.


  1. Take care. Avoid activities that put pressure on your big toe and foot, such as cycling, but don’t give up exercising altogether since this would have a detrimental effect on your general health as well as risking further foot problems.


Prevention is Better Than Cure


Avoiding bunions in the first place will stop you experiencing unnecessary pain and there are easy ways to keep your feet healthy. Wearing good shoes that are spacious enough to allow your feet to spread is the best way to avoid problems developing. You should be extra careful if your parents have experienced bunions, as you made be genetically inclined towards them.


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