Bunions Getting You Down?

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If you have bunions, you will understand why so many people with this condition are embarrassed by their feet. Although bunions are very common, people do not tend to talk about them, and so they become an uncomfortable secret. Understanding why bunions are caused and what you can do to help prevent them, however, can make a very positive difference to the health of your feet.

A bunion is formed when the first metatarsal bone of the foot puts pressure on the joint of the big toe, and the toe bone is forced out of alignment. This causes a bony lump to develop on the joint, as well as pain and inflammation around the area. Many people find relief from the pain with custom inserts placed inside well-fitted shoes, but surgery may be required in some cases.


What Causes Bunions?

Bunions are often seen to have a genetic component, since they tend to run in families, but the condition is understood to be dependent on several different factors, many of which are preventable.

Bunions are much more common in women than in men, and this is believed to be because women are much more likely to wear high heeled shoes. This type of footwear tends to have a narrow, restrictive toe box which crushes the toes together, and the body weight is concentrated in a smaller area, which greatly increases the pressure on the feet. Making positive choices to wear shoes that offer support and cushioning can make all the difference to the health of your feet, and even if you already have bunions, a well fitted shoe can be the first step towards a pain free life.


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Shoe Shopping with Bunions | Try Foot Solutions

When you have bunions, it can be a real struggle shopping for shoes. It can be so disappointing to find a great pair of shoes and discover that they simply will not fit. When this happens over and over again in different stores, it can make shoe shopping quite a depressing and time consuming chore.

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