Bunions: Options for Pain Relief

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the girl's legs and orthoticsHave you noticed that many people, especially women, are prone to bunions? This is because bunions develop as a result of squeezing feet into shoes that are too narrow or have pointed toes, and they can worsen over time, especially if sufferers are standing, walking or exercising for prolonged periods.

Bunions are deformities of the joint at the base of the big toe, and they can be painful due to the pressure being placed on the foot. It can also be extremely frustrating trying to find footwear that can accommodate bunions, and many people find that they can have a negative effect on their activity levels and on their social lives.

How Are Bunions Treated?

  1. Good shoes. Wearing shoes that are designed to fit properly and support the area of the bunion, giving extra cushioning around the damaged joint, can make a big difference to your comfort levels. A wide toe box is essential to allow the toes plenty of room and prevent further damage to the bones. You may need to buy shoes in a slightly wider fitting to accommodate bunions, but you should explore the ranges at a specialist shoe store such as Foot Solutions to find out what will work best for you.
  1. Arch support. You should ensure that you always give your feet good arch support and cushioning. You should never wear unsupportive shoes such as flip-flops, as these do not provide enough protection and support for your feet.
  1. Gel cushioning pads. Gel cushioning pads that can be inserted into shoes to protect the area where a bunion has developed can help to relieve pain and make walking easier. These are available in many pharmacies as well as shoe stores.
  1. Soaking feet. It can be helpful to soak feet in warm water and then use an ice pack to alleviate pain, and you may find that foot massage or other therapeutic treatments are also beneficial.
  1. Anti-inflammatory medication. In some circumstances, you may find that it relieves the pain you are experiencing if you take anti-inflammatory medication such as ibuprofen or paracetamol. You should seek advice from a doctor or pharmacist if you are using these medications, and should not plan to use them as a long-term solution.
  1. If a bunion is increasingly painful and is affecting your quality of life, you may find that surgery to remove it is the best solution for you. The simple operation to remove a bunion is often very quick and easy, and recovery time can be shorter than you might expect.

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