Causes of Foot Pain

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Many people experience foot pain at some point in their lives, and that pain can come from a variety of causes.  Injuries, trauma, biomechanical conditions, and diseases can all cause foot pain and discomfort.  Let’s take a look at some of the most common causes of foot pain and how you can deal with them.


Injuries to the feet are a common cause of foot pain.  In some cases, a single injury, like a fracture or muscle strain, can cause foot pain.  These types of injuries are often caused by falls, accidents or sports injuries.  In other cases, the injury is the result of a repetitive trauma.  A person might develop a stress fracture from the repetitive trauma to the feet of running on hard surfaces without proper footwear support.


Diseases can be a source of foot pain, too.  Conditions like diabetes, arthritis, and gout are frequent causes of foot pain.  Nerve disorders like peripheral neuropathy can cause numbness, tingling, and a burning sensation in the feet.  If you have a medical condition that causes foot pain, the best thing that you can do is to take care of your health.

Eat well, exercise, manage your weight, and take the medications prescribed by your doctor.  This will help to minimize the flares and side effects that you have as a result of your condition.  In addition, always wear supportive shoes that fit properly to prevent further injury to your feet.

Poorly Fitting Shoes

Many people experience foot pain simply because their shoes don’t fit properly.  High heels can cause pain in the balls of the feet and even cause hammer toes to develop.  Hammer toe is a deformity of the foot that causes an unnatural bend in the toe.

Frequent wearing of high heels can cause the toes to curl because they are cramped into a small, tight area.  As a result, hammer toes develop.  Wearing shoes that are too tight or wearing high heels can also cause bunions, calluses, corns, blisters, and athlete’s foot.

Shoes that do not provide adequate arch support can also cause pain.  If you have high arches or flat feet, you may need more support from your shoes.  Otherwise, the plantar fascia can become strained and cause pain in the bottom of the feet.

The Best Way to Avoid Foot Pain

The best way to avoid pain is to wear shoes that fit properly and provide adequate support.  Before you purchase shoes, have your feet measured.  Make sure that you are wearing the proper size, and have the shoes fitted at a specialised shoe shop.  A specialised shoe shop often carries a wider variety of sizes and widths than you might find in regular stores.

This way, you can get shoes that fit you perfectly and don’t cause you pain.  You can also get over the counter arch supports and custom arch supports at a specialised shoe store.  Arch supports are inserts that slide into the bottom of your shoe to provide extra support. Many types of standard orthotics are available including those made specifically for flat feet or high arches.  You can also order custom arch supports, which are molded to fit your own feet.

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