Causes, Symptoms And Treatment For Mortons Neuroma

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Mortons neuroma is a painful and problematic condition that affects the ball of the foot, usually the area between the third and fourth toes. The condition is often said to feel like standing on a pebble or a fold in your sock inside your shoe.

Mortons neuroma results from a thickening of the tissues around one of the nerves leading to the toes, which causes sharp pains in the ball of the foot, as well as stinging, numbness or burning in the toes. If any foot pain lasts longer than a few days, you should address the problem by changing your footwear, allowing your feet to recover, or visiting your doctor.

What Causes Morton’s Neuroma?

mortonsneuroma-blog-fsMortons neuroma can be caused or worsened by wearing high heels or taking part in high-impact sports. Certain deformities of the feet also increase the chances of developing Morton’s neuroma, particularly bunions, high arches, flat feet and hammertoes.

To diagnose Mortons neuroma, you will usually need to visit a doctor. After a physical examination of the foot, the doctor may suggest x-rays, MRI scans or an ultrasound scan in order to reveal any abnormalities in the bones or soft tissues of the foot, and to rule out other underlying problems.

What is the Treatment for Morton’s Neuroma?

  • Take a break. It’s very important to give your feet a chance to recover if you’re suffering from Morton’s Neuroma. Reducing activities that put stress on your feet for a few weeks should help them to heal.
  • Look at your footwear. Wearing badly fitted shoes can be a cause of foot problems and if you’re suffering from Mortons neuroma, you should avoid tight shoes and high heels to relieve pain. Choose shoes with extra depth and a broad toe box for maximum comfort, or visit a specialist shoe shop such as Foot Solutions for advice.
  • Use ice massage. Using a frozen water bottle or cup to massage the area with ice can help to ease inflammation and pain. You may also want to take anti-inflammatory medication to reduce the swelling.
  • Try arch supports. You may find that relieving the pressure on the affected nerve using arch supports or foot pads is very effective. Custom made supports are likely to give you the best results since they are designed specifically for your feet.
  • Consider surgery. In some cases, your doctor may suggest a more invasive treatment if the above measures do not resolve the problem. Steroid injections, decompression surgery and even the removal of the nerve are options that may be considered.

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