Choose the Best Shoes for Your Feet to Avoid Foot Pain

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Do you come home every day with sore, achy feet?  Are you anxious to get home and take your shoes off and collapse onto the couch?  If your feet hurt every day, you may think that that is normal, that everyone’s feet hurt after being up and about through the day.

But that isn’t true. 

Your feet don’t have to hurt every day; you can feel comfortable even after working all day.  Many people who have foot pain are simply wearing the wrong shoes.  Shoes that fail to support your feet can make your feet hurt, and they can also make your knees, hips, and back hurt.

Wearing shoes that are not supportive or don’t fit well – particularly over many years – can cause a host of problems, including bunions, hammertoes, calluses, and joint pain.

The first step in finding better shoes is having your feet measured.  You should go to a specialized footwear store and have your feet measured by a professional there.

Our feet can change in size by as much as one or two whole sizes after we’ve reached adulthood, so it is important to be measured at least once a year.  It is perfectly normal for our feet to change sizes.

As we age, the arches in the feet get weaker and lose their elasticity.  This causes the feet to elongate.  If we continue to wear the same size shoe despite the changing size of the feet, the feet will be cramped and develop problems.

Make sure that both feet are measured, too.  It is relatively common for the feet to be two different sizes.  If this is the case for you, always choose a pair that fits the larger foot.  The other shoe can be accommodated for the smaller foot.

Don’t let the size marked on the box affect your choice of shoe.  Base your decision on what feels best on your feet, not a number.

It is important to go to a reputable, specialized footwear store that deals specifically in comfort footwear & also in Orthopaedic footwear .  ( orthopedic shoes.)  The average shoe store in the high street will only have a limited selection of sizes and styles.  A specialized footwear store will offer a much larger variety of sizes and widths.

These shoes will also be higher quality and more supportive.  Your shoes should never hurt your feet; if your feet cause you pain, you need to keep looking for another pair that is more comfortable.

Orthopaedic shoes are superior to typical shoes.  They are made to provide more firmness in the arch, more heel support, and more cushion for the feet.  This combination of factors will make your feet more comfortable and improve your balance and stability.  Ill-fitting shoes don’t just affect your feet; a proper foundation is necessary to protect the health of your ankles, knees, hips, and back.

If you feel that your shoes still aren’t giving you enough stability, ask the professionals at the specialized footwear store for a recommendation.

They may recommend a different pair that is more supportive, or they may recommend that you add arch supports or custom orthotic inserts to your shoes.  Some people have never found shoes that fit properly, but find a great fit when they add orthotics to their shoes.

Fashionable Orthopaedic Shoes

Don’t worry about orthopaedic shoes being unattractive, either.  Today, there are many styles available that are both supportive and flattering.

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