Coping with Foot and Back Pain

3 min read

Lots of people experience occasional foot and back pain.  It’s a common issue; it’s just part of the normal process of aging, right?  Your feet or back are sore at the end of a long day.  You go home and put your feet up, take some pain relieving medicine, and maybe use an ice pack or a heating pad.  It’s not the end of the world.  In some cases, though, foot and back pain can become a bigger issue.

You might go from experiencing occasional soreness to experiencing pain that is severe enough that it keeps you from participating in the activities that you need or want to do.  When foot or back pain becomes debilitating and begins to limit your mobility that is no longer a normal part of the aging process.  You don’t have to suffer through that pain; there are solutions out there to help you regain your mobility and lead the active life that you enjoy.

Steve Morgan experienced a similar situation a few years ago.  He had pain in his feet and back that kept him from being able to stand for long periods of time.  Steve loved music and attending concerts, but his foot and back pain was preventing him from going to many concerts.

Steve is a sportsman and an active guy at the age of 44.  Although he has a high pain tolerance, the discomfort that he was experiencing in his feet and back got to be too much to tolerate about a year ago.  Steve talked with a coworker who recommended Foot Solutions, and he decided that it was worth a try.  He made an appointment and underwent a detailed assessment with the professionals at Foot Solutions.  He was quite impressed by the expertise of the employees at Foot Solutions.

After evaluating Steve’s feet, they told him that part of his issue is that he over pronates.  Over pronation means that when a person is walking, the foot rolls inward excessively when it hits the ground.

The walker pushes off the ground completely from the big toe and second toe.  When the foot makes contact with the ground, the force of the foot is not spread out evenly, and the arch flattens out.  Given Steve’s particular needs and his gait, the professionals at Foot Solutions recommended that he use custom arch supports.

According to Steve, the arch supports have been “an absolute godsend.”  Wearing the arch supports has greatly reduced his foot pain, and the back pain he once experienced is now completely gone.  Now he can go out for the evening and enjoy himself without being limited by pain.  Steve’s posture and balance have greatly improved, as well; he has even come to realize that he is taller than he thought.

Foot and back pain are common problems, but that doesn’t mean that they are a normal part of life.  You don’t have to accept that you will always have foot and back pain.  You can do something to change it.  In many cases, something as simple as wearing arch supports in your shoes can greatly improve your pain level and your quality of life.

If you would like to learn more about what you can do to relieve your foot and back pain, stop by your local Foot Solutions store.  We would love for you to come in and meet with our professional staff members and undergo an evaluation and gait analysis.  We can help you to understand how misalignments in your gait may be contributing to your pain. We can then recommend which type of footwear & arch support will be most beneficial for you.  Visit Foot Solutions today to learn more.