Five Top Tips For Fitness Walking

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Here at Foot Solutions, we know that the health of our feet is directly related to our general health and longevity. People who take care to keep their feet healthy are much more likely to be able to maintain a regular exercise programme and stay fit and well into old age. Walking is a particularly beneficial type of exercise, and it is easy to begin at any time when you have a good pair of training shoes to support your feet.

As with any form of exercise, it is very important to talk to your doctor before you begin a new fitness walking regime, especially if you have not exercised before or have an underlying health condition. Fitness walking is a great way to get out in the fresh air and get your muscles moving, so read on for our top tips and start getting fitter right away.

Successful Fitness Walking: Our Top Tips

1. Wear good shoes. Wearing shoes that support the delicate bones and muscles of the feet and cushion them as you move around is very important, especially when you are exercising. Good training shoes are designed to support the arches of your feet and allow the feet to breathe, and you should visit a specialist shoe store such as Foot Solutions to seek expert advice on the best options for your feet.

2. Keep breathing. Make the most of your walk by breathing deeply as you walk to increase your oxygen intake. This will increase the flow of oxygen to your muscles, slowing heart rate and stabilising blood pressure, and you will notice your stamina increasing as you continue to exercise.

3. Drink more. When you build up a sweat, you must ensure that you drink more than usual to hydrate your body and replace the fluids you are losing. You should drink before, during and after your workout session, carrying a water bottle with you as you walk.

4. Try using walking poles. Nordic Walking Poles can be a very useful addition to your routine, helping to support you if you have mobility issues or pain and alleviating the pressure on the joints. These poles are spring-loaded and engage more of your muscles in the walking process so that you can increase your cardiovascular activity and core strength.

5. Join with others. Walking is a great social activity and it may help you to stay motivated if you join with others for shared fitness walks. You may find that there is a local walking group you can join, or you may prefer to increase the speed and length of your daily dog walk to develop your fitness regime.

Exercise Well With Comfortable Shoes in Ireland

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