Seniors can Reduce Risk of Falling by Fixing Painful Feet

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The human foot is a relatively complex engine with its numerous parts designed to work together to support our weight and provide stability.

Unfortunately, as we grow older, unhealthy choices, poor shoe selection, and sedentary lifestyle begins to take its toll, which is why we see more and more seniors becoming at risk of falling because of painful feet. Completely fall-proofing seniors may be impossible, but we can try to help most of them minimise the risk.

The Danger is Real

As statistics would point out, falls have steadily become the primary reason of injury deaths for many people over 65.

Injury deaths have been attributed to painful feet of seniors normally resulting from conditions like bunions, corns, hammertoes, diabetic complications, or osteoarthritis among others.

As these conditions create an imbalance and lack of coordination for seniors while standing or walking, combined with weaknesses in their lower bodies, they become susceptible to falls. Difficulty in strengthening the lower body further increases the risk factors.

The reality of this danger can be so drastic that a single fall can immediately limit the quality of life of a senior or end it completely depending on the severity. This is why it is important that painful feet among seniors be addressed in whatever way necessary including consultation with a healthcare professional.

The Shoes Have It

There are many ways how to help prevent falls among seniors. One of the easiest and fastest ways is to buy and wear the correct type of shoes. Moreover, in a recent study among seniors, 28 percent of the respondents claimed that their fall was caused by the shoes they wore.

Among them, sixty percent had sneakers on, but attributed the fall to the shoes being dragged or caught on the floor. The other 40 percent claimed that their athletic shoes did not have enough traction and were simply too slippery. Apart from this, the reality is that wearing the wrong shoes can contribute to having painful feet.

Therefore, one of the ways that seniors can reduce risk of falling is to know what type of shoes to buy and wear so that it will not cause pain in their feet & yet be suitable for their daily activities.

Shoe Safety Recommendations

To minimize the risk of falling for seniors, the following recommendations can be observed.

  • Avoid shoes with slippery or worn out soles;
  • Do not wear shoes with plastic or leather soles, especially on wet or slippery surfaces;
  • Athletic shoes with synthetic soles can be slippery on wet or damp surfaces;
  • Stay away from ill-fitting footwear;
  • Never wear shoes with heavy rubber lugs on carpeted surfaces;
  • Be careful when wearing running shoes on carpets because the rubber tip on the toes can get caught and cause you to fall;
  • Buy walking shoes with excellent traction and ankle support, but with light soles;
  • Too much cushioning can cause a senior to lose balance or become unstable; and
  • Laced shoes, or those with Velcro closures are safer than slip-ons because they can be adjusted for best fitting.

All in all the issue of how seniors can reduce risk of falling by fixing painful feet can begin with shoe safety and proper shoe selection. Call into your nearest Foot Solutions UK store today – we can help you to choose the correct footwear & arch support to help keep you stable & reduce the risk of falling.