Foot Pain? Good Shoes for Active Golden Years

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No matter what your age, the health of your feet affects the quality of life that you lead. As we get older there can be an expectation that we will slow down and take things easier – but what if you don’t want to?

At Foot Solutions, we believe that with good shoes and proper foot care, you can be as active as you please. The importance of good fitting shoes cannot be underestimated. Especially for the more senior adults amongst us.

Quality shoes that fit properly can help to prevent foot pain and give stability when walking and standing. Knowing that your feet are taken care of means peace of mind so you can focus on doing the things you love.

Three Qualities of a Good Shoe


No matter what the activity, your shoes should always feel comfortable and secure when wearing them. It’s true that flat shoes offer more stability but did you know they are also good for preventing foot pain? Whereas, high heels have been proven to cause all kinds of issues and long term damage.

When buying comfortable shoes, pay attention to how they feel when you walk. A good shoe absorbs much of the impact of walking. Meaning you feel less strain on your joints. A good shoe can also help counteract any roll in your gait. If you have a particularly pronounced gait that causes foot pain or bad knees, talk to one of our pedorthists.

Comfortable shoes doesn’t have to mean dull ‘old person’ shoes. At Foot Solutions we have a huge range of stylish comfortable shoes for every taste, including active, dress and hiking shoes for both men and women. Pop in store to see our range for yourself, you will be pleasantly surprised.

2. FIT

A shoe that is too tight or too loose can be an uncomfortable distraction and even can be a falls risk. Ill-fitting shoes cause all kinds of foot pain, from bunions and hammer toes to calluses and arch pain.

Getting a proper fitting shoe is about a lot more than shoe size. No two feet are the same, feet have contours and pressure points that differ from person to person. Over time, as our weight fluctuates, muscles change and our posture changes, our feet can change shape and size. Getting them measured and assessed will help understand the changes and needs of your feet.

For shoes that fit as snug as a glove, talk to Foot Solutions about our 3D foot mapping technology. By assessing your total foot health, our team can suggest off the shelf and bespoke solutions that help shoes fit better.


The material of your shoe can impact your foot health and either cause or help prevent foot pain. Shoes that you plan to wear day to day need to support you without causing issues. Look for shoes made from natural or man-made textiles and materials that have these qualities:

  • Breathability – Busy feet get hot and swell, which can become unbearable in the wrong shoes. Look for shoes that are breathable to help control foot temperature and keep you going for longer.
  • Flexibility – Some materials stretch and others are inflexible. Inflexible materials increase the likelihood of rubbing and foot pain. Look for materials that are flexible enough to allow good movement but that won’t lose their shape.
  • Non – slip soles – A good grip will help prevent slips and falls and is an important aspect to look for.

avoid foot pain


Good Shoes for the Activities You Love Most

Age is no reason to stop doing the things you love. Staying fit and healthy will keep you active and enjoying each day for as long as you want.

Keep Walking

There are so many parks, trails and historic sites in Ireland that it’s no wonder so many of us love walking. For exploring during your senior years, make sure your shoes give the right support for your walking ambition.

For walks around the local park, active or athletic shoes are perfect. The same goes for exploring Ireland’s many ancient and fascinating cultural and beauty spots. Shoes for walking should cushion your soles, keeping the pressure from your ankles and joints.

For hikes and long walks on uneven trails, extra ankle support is an absolute must have. Support for your ankle means help for preventing twisted ankles and falls. Hiking shoes come in different styles for different needs. Some are lightweight for maintaining agility as you walk. Others are stronger for extra stability. Ask us about our Merrell range.

Enjoy The Whole Shopping Experience

Have you ever cut a shopping trip short because your feet couldn’t take it? Get the most out of your day at the shops with the right shoes to support you.

Look for shoes with cushioned shoes that are kind to your joints. Breathable materials will help keep your feet cool and comfortable too.

Take regular breaks when out and about on a shopping spree and drink plenty of water. Staying hydrated helps us stay focussed and alert which is important for preventing falls. It also helps your body regulate temperature and circulation which can help prevent swelling and foot pain.

Get Out and Golf

If you have reached your retirement years, then you may be looking to get out onto the fairway more. Golf is hugely popular with Ireland’s older generation and a great way to stay fit and social.

Did you know the average golfer walks six and a half kilometres in each game? To keep your game on par, choose shoes that give you support and stability. As well supporting the long walk, your shoes need to support the range of motion involved in the game itself. Look for shoes that are flexible but built to help you stay stable too.


Playing with Grandkids

No one wants foot pain to get in the way of playing with their grandchildren. No matter your age, or theirs, you no doubt want to keep up with them and enjoy your time together.

To avoid foot pain getting in the way. Make sure you wear shoes that fit properly and that are designed for an active lifestyle. Whether you are heading to the park, for a day at the zoo or baking together, choose shoes that keep you going.

Avoiding Falls

As we get older our balance can deteriorate without us realising, leading to an increase in falls. To avoid falls, we recommend these eight steps:

  1. Wear proper fitting shoes
  2. Stay active and fit
  3. Have regular foot and eye assessments
  4. Ensure there are no loose steps or carpets in or around your home
  5. Install easy to reach light switches
  6. Add handrails on both sides of the stairs
  7. Only use non slip mats
  8. Ensure your home has good lighting

Whatever your age, we believe that foot health and footwear are key to a healthy active life. In our stores around Ireland, we offer free foot assessments that look at the health and strength of feet. Our trained foot experts use the assessment results to suggest solutions that will help you live the busy and active life you want.

Book your free consultation with your closest Foot Solutions store today.