Foot Pain Relief for Peripheral Neuropathy

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Peripheral neuropathy is a disorder in which a person experiences numbness, tingling, and pain in a certain area of the body.  Most commonly, the hands or feet are affected.

Peripheral neuropathy can cause pain, tingling, and burning sensations in the feet.  If you experience foot pain due to peripheral neuropathy, read on to learn more about how you can gain relief.

Before you begin treatment, make an appointment with your doctor to discuss symptoms that you are experiencing.  The doctor may wish to order lab tests to determine whether you have an underlying problem, such as diabetes. It is important to rule out the presence of other conditions so that the doctor can confirm that the source of the pain is actually peripheral neuropathy.

Over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications, are sometimes helpful in treating foot pain, as recommended by your doctor/pharmacist.  If these types of medication are not sufficient to relieve your pain, be sure to talk to your doctor about this.  He/She may wish to prescribe a stronger medication for your pain.

Topical treatments, can also be helpful in relieving foot pain.  These types of treatments can be applied several times a day, and they are often successful in reducing the burning and pain associated with peripheral neuropathy.

Exercise is often the best treatment for peripheral neuropathy.  It may seem difficult to exercise when your feet hurt to begin with, but doing so often provides a great deal of long-term relief.

Try to make exercise – even just walking – a regular part of your daily routine.  Even if you have to take pain medication before or after exercising, you will reap the benefits of the exercise and reduce your overall pain level.

You can also try massaging your feet to relieve pain.  You can do a self-massage or have a professional massage.  Many people find that this stimulation of the nerves in the feet helps to relieve pain.

Most importantly, be sure to wear shoes that are comfortable and supportive.  This is very important for anyone who suffers from foot pain, and especially for people who have peripheral neuropathy.

Choose shoes that are well constructed and that provide plenty of support.  Look for shoes that have a roomy toe box – the part of the shoes where the toes are located.  You should be able to wiggle your toes around inside the shoe.

Shoes should also have adjustable closures & removable footbeds to provide you with fitting flexibility. Softer, comfortable linings can also help to minimize discomfort.

Avoid pointy-toed shoes.  Check to make sure that you are wearing the right size shoes by having your feet measured at a specialized shoe store.  Your feet do change size over time, and many people wear the wrong size shoes without knowing it.

Avoid high heels, as well.  Instead, look for a low-heeled shoe that feels comfortable and gives your foot plenty of support without feeling too tight.

Wearing shoes that don’t fit properly is one of the most common reasons that people experience foot pain.  Foot pain that is rooted in other causes or medical conditions can be exacerbated by wearing improper footwear.

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