Foot Pain: The Soles Of My Feet are Sore!

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Here at Foot Solutions, we know how much our feet matter, but we are aware that many people do not realise how important it is to keep their feet in great shape. We spend our days walking and standing on our feet, and they carry us around throughout our lives, but when it comes to taking care of them, most of us could do with a few tips.

Pain in the feet is extremely difficult to live with, since it is so hard to allow the feet to rest and heal completely. If the soles of your feet are sore, you may be unsure why this is, but there are many reasons for this pain to occur, and many things you can do to relieve it. Read on for our information and advice on this subject.

Do You Have Pain In The Soles Of Your Feet?

If you feet are over-sensitive, you may notice pain or tenderness when walking barefoot, constant pain in the soles, burning or tingling in the feet, extreme ticklishness, discomfort walking or running on certain surfaces, or pain when walking on the balls of the feet.

This type of discomfort can be caused by:

1. Morton’s Neuroma. A Morton’s Neuroma is the term given to a growth that develops around the nerves, usually between the third and fourth toes, which may cause extreme pain and difficulty walking. Many people describe this condition as the feeling that there is a small stone inside their sock or shoe. There are several different ways to treat Morton’s Neuroma, including ice and massage treatments, but surgery is often the only way to resolve the condition permanently.

2. Vitamin deficiency. Studies show that over-sensitive and painful soles of the feet may be a symptom of a Vitamin B12 or Folate deficiency. This problem should be easy to treat with a high quality, food source vitamin supplement, but it can take a long time to diagnose as vitamin and mineral deficiencies are often not recognised immediately.

3. Neuropathy. The nervous system delivers messages throughout the body, and any damage or disruption to the system can affect different parts of the body. Diabetic neuropathy is especially likely to cause complications for the feet, including pain and over-sensitivity. If you have diabetes, it is very important to work with your medical care team to maintain your general health and keep your feet in good condition.

4. Injury. Anything that weakens the soles of your feet can make them more sensitive and cause problems in the future, so ensure that you have any burns, cuts or blisters treated properly. Seek help from a medical professional if you have a foot injury that is not healing normally, and always seek advice if you experience unexplained pain in your feet.

When you have any kind of foot condition or pain in your feet, wearing the right shoes is crucial to ensure that your feet get the support and comfort they need. Visit a specialist shoe store such as Foot Solutions for a professional fitting, and talk to us about finding styles that accommodate your feet and relieve any pain you may be experiencing.

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