Foot Problems As We Age

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Have you noticed your feet changing as you get older? As we age, our bodies change a great deal, and although we anticipate grey hair and wrinkles, we may be more surprised by the changes to our feet. Calluses, corns and bunions are more common in older people, and those who have not exercised regularly throughout their lives, or who are overweight, are far more likely to experience fallen arches and foot pain as they age.

Here at Foot Solutions, we know that the way our feet feel can have a big impact on our general health. Sometimes problems can develop with our feet, and this can stop us from exercising and lead to further health problems. It is important to be vigilant and take action to solve problems quickly, and we love to help our customers get back to their active lives with a personalised solution that usually includes custom arch supports, comfort socks and/or well-fitted shoes.

How To Prevent Foot Problems As You Age

If you have noticed foot pain or problems developing, or you want to prevent problems as you age, we recommend the following:

1. Visit Foot Solutions. Most people do not realise the importance of well fitted shoes and may have been wearing uncomfortable or unsupportive shoes for years. Here at Foot Solutions, we are so much more than a shoe shop. Our professional fitters are experienced in scanning and measuring feet, and can recommend custom arch supports and footwear that fit the foot exactly, relieving pain and offering much better support.

2. Support your feet. Older people often experience arthritis or pain in their joints, and this can be especially painful in the feet, which contain 33 joints. Our customised arch supports are made in our laboratory, and customers fitted with these are usually delighted with the instant difference in how their feet feel. We are always happy to make necessary adjustments, and our customers are encouraged to return within two weeks of being fitted with custom arch supports to ensure they are getting the full benefit of these.

3. Make lifestyle changes. Foot pain in older people can be a result of poor circulation, and this can be addressed with dietary changes and exercise. You should talk to your doctor if you haven’t exercised before, and take professional advice on the best foods to boost circulation and improve your wellbeing.

4. Take care of your feet. If you’ve taken your feet for granted for years, they’ll certainly be grateful for some TLC! Introduce foot baths and foot massage into your daily routine, and ensure that you take regular breaks from activity to sit or lie with your feet raised above your hips. This will help to reduce swelling and inflammation, and will help your feet to feel good all day.

Visit Us To Find Solutions That Relieve Foot Pain

Keeping your feet healthy into old age is a vital way to protect your general health and prevent debilitating problems. Visit a specialist shoe store such as Foot Solutions for a professional fitting, and talk to us about finding the best options for your feet.

Pop into Foot Solutions today and find out how to help your feet feel great.