Why Foot Solutions staff seem to be ‘long stayers’?

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Generally retail employees move around quite a bit but here at Foot Solutions our staff seem to be ‘long stayers’!

Thumbs up staff

Staff ‘thumbs Up’

Can’t say it’s because they just love working for us (even though we are lovely people to work for!!) but it really comes down to the fact that they love what they do!

Personal interaction with customers

They find the personal interaction they have with their customers both interesting and very rewarding.  They love giving their customers solutions to their foot, knee or lower back problems, whether it’s a customised arch support (orthotic), a pair of shoes or simply items which alleviate pain such as toe separators, bunion relief guards, socks or a combination of all of the above.

They build relationships with their customers based on trust and honesty but most of all on the fact that the customers know their best interest is always at heart.  Customers often get a call to say that a particular product (normally a shoe) has just come in which will suit him/her – can’t ask for more than that!!

Brenda - Manager. Happy to help!

Manager Brenda – always Happy to Help!


The staff get a lot out of the constant training which goes on at Foot Solutions. This training keeps them up to date with common (and not so common) foot problems and gait issues which in turn helps them identify their customers’ unique issues.  There is nothing they like more than to come up with a solution which helps their customer– very satisfying indeed!

They are further trained to make adjustments to existing customised arch supports (orthotics) and even to Over The Counter (OTC) supports.  Again this is very satisfying for them because they are helping to provide their customers with more comfort and relief from pain.  They also recover customers’ existing orthotics – helping to prolong the life of these expensive supports.

As you can see the staff have varied jobs to do throughout the day which makes their day interesting and rewarding.  That’s why we feel they love their jobs so much – happy staff equals happy customers!

Rich Stories – testimonials

At the Foot Solutions store in Stillorgan we have a rich abundance of stories from existing customers attesting to the caring treatment they have received from our staff.  That’s not to say that we ‘always’ get it right – it is retail afterall!  But we do pride ourselves on how we handle any customer who feels that we haven’t got it right.  We leave no stone unturned to try to solve problems as best we can.

So if your sore feet, knees or lower back problems are stopping you getting on with your life, why don’t you pop into Foot Solutions and benefit from all the years of experience our lovely staff have to offer?

Feel free to ask any of our staff why they love their jobs – they are always happy to tell their story!

Visit: http://www.footsolutions.ie/

Written by Blanaid Farrell, owner Foot Solutions, Stillorgan, Co. Dublin