What goes on in a Foot Solutions Workshop?

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Have you ever sat in a Foot Solutions store, maybe waiting to collect your Customised Arch Support, and heard lots of grinding noise coming from the workshop in the back and wondered “What on earth is going on back there”?

Here’s the thing:

Foot Solutions customised arch supports are manufactured in our state of the art Pedortic Laboratory in Atlanta, Georgia. The customer’s biomechanics are assessed in store and the feet are scanned, producing a digital image which is then electronically sent to the laboratory. These digital images allow the technicians to produce the Arch Supports which are unique to the customer. In some cases, in order to assist the Podiatric Consultant and technician, photographs and videos of the customer are also sent.



So what’s going on in the Workshop?

To provide customers with the best solution and optimum outcome, our associates have the skills to adjust/modify the arch supports so they fit perfectly in your shoes and acheive maximium comfort.

How do these skills help our customers?

Some times it can take customers time to adjust to wearing arch supports and tweaks may be required for optimum fit. This is where our skills at adjusting and modifying come into play. We always invite our customers to return within 2 weeks of being fitted with their arch supports so that we can discuss and address any issues which may have arisen. It is then that we carry out any adjustments required. We encourage our customers to come back as many times as needed to make sure that they achieve optimum comfort and relief from original problems.

What is our aim?

At Foot Solutions, our aim is to address any discomfort customers may be feeling in their feet, knees and lower back so that they can continue with their daily activities, be it hill walking, playing tennis/golf or simply enjoying pain free shopping! We all know that being active and outdoors as much as possible contributes to good physical and mental health – our aim is to help our customers maintain both! Keep doing the things you love!

Written by Blanaid Farrell, owner Foot Solutions, Stillorgan, Co. Dublin