What Happens To Our Feet As We Age?

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Painful and debilitating foot conditions can develop at any age, but many are more common in older age groups. Taking care of your feet throughout your life can help to prevent problems developing, but if you are experiencing foot pain or discomfort, you should visit your doctor as soon as possible to discuss this.

Keeping your feet healthy can be as simple as setting up a foot care routine and sticking to it on a daily basis. You should wash and dry your feet well every day, and moisturise them with an oil or cream to prevent dry patches and calluses developing. Regular exercise is also essential for maintaining general health as well as foot health, but understanding why older people often develop foot problems can be helpful in order to prevent them.

Why Do Older People Develop Foot Problems?

1.    Accumulative damage from wearing the wrong shoes. Wearing shoes that do not fit you properly or that are not supportive enough for your feet can lead to many painful foot conditions, including bunions and fallen arches. Finding shoes that support your feet and give you extra cushioning in any damaged areas can help your feet to heal from existing problems and prevent further issues from developing.

2.    Changes in the feet over time. As we age, our feet tend to spread and lengthen as the ligaments and tendons naturally become looser. Older people find that their feet recover from trauma more slowly, and that tendons and ligaments lose their strength and elasticity as part of the ageing process. This can mean that conditions such as tendonitis, or tears and strains in the tendons or muscles, are more likely to occur, and can take longer to heal once they have developed.

3.    Age-related health issues. Many older people experience general health issues such as gout and osteoarthritis, both of which can lead to foot problems as the joints come under additional pressure. Properly fitted shoes can help feet to cope with these conditions and prevent further problems.

4.    The ageing process. The ageing process itself can be harmful to feet, especially since the collagen and elastin on the sole of the foot, which keeps our feet supple and provides natural cushioning, tends to become thinner. This can lead to pain while walking, and this can, in turn, cause many problems associated with inactivity in the elderly.

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