Healthy Foot Challenge Week 4: It’s All About Shoes!

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Foot problems and pain are very common, but did you know that the shoes you wear play a vital role in the health of your feet? As part of our Healthy Foot Challenge, we’re raising awareness of the shoes that our feet are better off without, and finding stylish and comfortable alternatives to help our feet to look and feel great.

When we’re looking for children’s shoes, we usually get their feet measured professionally and spend a long time choosing the right pair. However, as adults, we often choose footwear based entirely on fashion and fail to consider the impact of our shoes on our health.

Finding The Best Shoes For You

1.    Measure up. It’s important to have your feet measured properly as they can change throughout your life, so visit a specialist store such as Foot Solutions to be measured and to find the best footwear for you and your lifestyle.

2.    Time it right. Go shopping for shoes late in the day, because feet swell and spread so are bigger in the afternoon than in the morning! If you buy shoes that fit when your feet are at their biggest, you’ll find them more comfortable all day long.

3.    Avoid narrow toe boxes. Wearing shoes that have a narrow toe box causes your toes to be squashed together and puts pressure on the bones of the feet. This is a leading cause of hammertoes and bunions, and can also worsen existing foot conditions.

4.    Look for support. Your feet need to be supported in the right places, so ensure that you have a good amount of cushioning to protect your feet as well as arch supports that will prevent pressure on your arches, which can lead to arch pain and flat feet.

5.    Don’t compromise on comfort. Take the time to find shoes that fit you well and support your feet properly. Your feet are doing a very important job for you and it’s important to treat them right! You’ll find stylish designs that are great for your feet at Foot Solutions.

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Great Shoes are Vital for Healthy Feet

logo-fs-blog Wearing shoes that fit you well and give your feet the support they need is the best way to keep your feet in great condition. Pop into Foot Solutions today for a free gait analysis test and find a solution that works for you and your lifestyle.