How to Relieve Metatarsal Pain With Ease

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metatarsal painThe metatarsals are the bones in your feet.  There are five metatarsal bones in each foot.  Metatarsal pain is also known as metatarsalgia.  This term refers to pain in the balls of the feet, right underneath where the heads of the metatarsal bones are located.

This pain can be caused by a variety of different factors.  In some cases, something as minor as a callus can cause metatarsal pain. Even a callus can put pressure on the foot and create discomfort.

Many people who have metatarsal pain experience these symptoms because they have been wearing uncomfortable footwear.  If your shoes don’t fit properly, don’t provide adequate support, or are shaped unnaturally, it is likely that you will have metatarsal pain.  Shoes that are either too small or too large can cause pain.

Shoes that are too tight will pinch your toes and put pressure on your feet.  Shoes that are too large, on the other hand, leave excess space where the foot can move around inside the shoe.  This allows the foot to slide around and rub against the shoe, which creates friction. Wearing shoes with high heels also creates more pressure at the ball of foot area.

Solutions for Metatarsal Pain

Many people experience metatarsal pain at some point in their lives.  If you are one of them, try these solutions.  First and foremost, you must wear shoes that are comfortable, supportive, and well-fitting.

Look for shoes that are sturdy and supportive. Sometimes, off the rack shoes just don’t fit your feet properly.  However, you can customize them to give you a perfect fit.  Try out some orthotic devices or shoe inserts inside your shoes.

These inserts can give you the extra support that you need so that your shoes fit comfortably.  There are lots of different types of inserts to choose from, including models made for flat feet or high arches.  If you don’t fit inserts that are quite right for you, you can also order custom orthotics that are made just for your feet.

If there are calluses on your feet that are putting pressure on your metatarsals and causing your pain, there is a simple solution to your problems.  These calluses have been caused by abnormal pressure in that area of the foot – redistribute this pressure & the callus will lessen. Wearing a custom orthotic device will help to redistribute such pressures.

In the meantime, if you wish to remove existing calluses, you can start by soaking your feet in warm soapy water.  Wait about ten minutes, until the water has softened your skin.  Then you can use a file or pumice stone to remove the calluses. Note: Diabetics or people who have lost sensation in their feet, should never do this – it is always best to get calluses & corns etc taken care of by a chiropodist.

When you are shopping for footwear, it is imperative to make sure that you are buying the proper size.  Your shoes should fit comfortably in both length and width.  It is a good idea to have your feet measured by a professional at a specialized footwear store at least once a year.

You may have been wearing the same size for many years, but your feet can change in size as you get older. This is a natural process of aging, and can also be influenced by weight gain or pregnancy. Getting rid of your foot pain can be as simple as changing the size of your shoes.

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