Mephisto Men’s Shoes for Walking

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You really should be more active.  Yes, I know.  You have probably heard this before.  It doesn’t have to be complicated, though.  You don’t need to run a marathon or complete a triathlon or do anything complicated that requires a lot of equipment.  It doesn’t have to be an incredibly intense workout.

All you need to do is go outside and take a walk.

What’s that you say?  Your feet hurt?  Well, we can take care of that with a simple shoe change.  Read on to learn more about the benefits of walking and how Mephisto men’s shoes can help.

Benefits of Walking

  1. Walking helps to prevent diabetes.  According to new research, walking briskly significantly reduces the odds of developing Type 2 diabetes.  Even people who have a family history of diabetes improved their insulin sensitivity by regularly walking at a brisk pace.
  2. Walking is free!  You don’t need a pricey gym membership or fancy equipment.  All you need is a pair of comfy shoes.  In these tough financial times, many people are finding that they have to cancel their gym membership.  You can always still walk, though.  Just lace up your shoes and head outside.  If you walk in lieu of driving the car, you can even save money by walking.
  3. Walking can reduce the need for medication.  Here’s another money-saver.  According to studies, the people who took the longest walks each week were likely to use the least amount of medication.   A short walk is good, and a longer walk is even better.
  4. Walking can reduce chronic pain.  If you suffer from fibromyalgia or other chronic pain conditions, you may find relief in walking.  Studies show that people who walk regularly report significantly less pain.
  5. Walking can help you fight cancer.  According to research, people who were diagnosed with cancer and remained active, including walking regularly, had a greater chance of survival.  Those who were active prior to their diagnosis were also more likely to survive.
  6. Walking reduces the risk of stroke.  Walking for 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week significantly decreases the risk of stroke.
  7. Walking decreases the risk of developing dementia and memory problems.  Being active increase blood flow to the brain, which is believed to play a role in decreasing the risk of developing dementia and memory problems.

Why Mephisto Men’s Shoes?

So, the one thing that you need to get started in your new walking routine is a good, comfortable pair of shoes.  Mephisto men’s shoes are the perfect choice.  Mephisto shoes are the most popular brand of quality men’s shoes in nearly every country where they are available.  That’s because Mephisto shoes have a reputation for being comfortable, attractive, and innovative.

Mephisto shoes are individually crafted of high-quality materials, like cork and leather.  There are plenty of styles available to suit your needs.  In addition to walking shoes, Mephisto also makes dress shoes, casual shoes, sandals, and boots.  They set the gold standard in quality, so you can count on a comfortable walk when you are wearing Mephisto men’s shoes.

Are you ready to get out for a walk and improve your health?  If so, stop in to Foot Solutions UK.  We carry a wide variety of Mephisto men’s shoes for you to choose from.  Visit Foot Solutions UK today.