Pain in the Top of Your Foot: Causes and Treatment

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Pain in the foot. Massage of female feet. Pedicures. Isolated on white background.Foot pain is very common, and this can include pain in the top of the foot. Although many foot conditions cause pain in the underside of the foot, it may be that you have experienced a pain in the top of your foot building up over a period of time, or it may occur suddenly.

If you are in severe pain or have swelling that doesn’t improve after a few days, or if you are unable to walk or bear weight on your foot, you should seek help from your doctor. If your pain is caused by an open wound or you have signs of infection, or a burning pain, tingling or numbness in your foot, this also indicates that you should seek medical attention.

Possible Causes of Pain in the Top of the Foot:

1.    Foot disease. Some foot conditions, such as gout and arthritis, can cause pain in the top of the foot due to inflammation in the joints in this area. Nerve damage relating to diabetes could also cause pain in the top of the foot, as could tendonitis.

2.    Poorly fitted shoes. Shoes that are too tight can put pressure on the top of the foot, crushing the bones and tissues and causing pain in this area. A specialist store such as Foot Solutions can help by measuring your feet and finding shoes that fit your foot well, taking into account the width of your foot as well as the length.

3.    Stress fractures. Hairline fractures and breaks in the top of the foot can result from repetitive movements, weak muscles or reduced bone density, or from injury, usually by an object being dropped onto the foot.

4.    Age. The bones and muscles of your feet are weakened by age, and it is possible to experience pain in the tops of your feet as a result of the hard work they have been doing for so many years!

5.    Hormones. Foot problems are especially common during pregnancy and the menopause, when hormonal imbalances are more common, and this can be a cause of pain or aching in the top of the foot.

Treat Foot Problems at Home

If your pain is not too severe, you may be able to treat foot pain at home. You should avoid wearing tight or poorly fitted shoes, and rest your feet where possible. Using ice on the problem area can help to ease pain and inflammation, and you may wish to try pain relieving medication to reduce your discomfort.

Find Shoes to Relieve Foot Pain in Ireland

logo-fs-blog The shoes you are wearing have a huge impact on the health of your feet and the most important thing you can do to keep them looking and feeling great is to ensure you only wear shoes that offer the right amount of support and cushioning.

If you’re experiencing foot pain, you’ll be amazed by the difference a well-fitted pair of shoes can make. Visit Foot Solutions today for a free gait analysis test and we’ll help you to find the best solution for your feet.