The Price You Pay For Wearing High Heels

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Wearing high-heeled shoes is a fashion choice for many, but most wearers are not aware of the many foot problems that they can cause. The way in which feet are positioned in high heels shoes tends to distribute weight unevenly and put pressure on certain areas of the feet, causing many conditions that can be very painful and may result in permanent damage.

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What’s Wrong With Wearing Heels?

High-heeled shoes are a major cause of foot pain, and can contribute to the development of many conditions, including:

Bunions1. Bunions. Although bunions are largely due to genetic defects, they are worsened by high-heeled shoes with narrow toe boxes, which crush the toes together and put pressure on the joints.

2. Hammertoes. It’s vital for toes to have enough room to spread out comfortably inside your shoes, and high-heeled shoes often have narrow toe boxes that do not allow for this. Hammer toe develop as a result of pressure on the toes, which causes them to become crowded and bent.

3. Corns and calluses. Repeated pressure in one area of the foot, common when feet are restricted by high-heeled shoes, can lead to painful corns and calluses.

4. Morton’s neuroma. A  Mortons neuroma is the painful condition that results when the nerves of the foot are compressed. This is often caused by high heels, which compress the toes and put pressure on the nerves. This condition is characterized by numbness in the foot or the sensation of having a stone in your shoe.

5. Back pain. It isn’t just your feet that suffer when you wear high heels! Ankle sprains are common, and so are injuries to the knees, hips and back. This is usually due to way in which wearing high-heeled shoes changes your posture and alignment, and if you do not switch to footwear that is better for your feet, this can lead to permanent damage.

Find Orthotic Shoes to Relieve Foot Pain in Ireland

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