Relief from knee pain gets Cosmas O’Donnell, Manager and Head Colourist of a busy hair salon in Blackrock, Dublin, back doing what he loves.

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First thing that happened when he arrived for his appointment was that we put him through our comprehensive 10 Step Process during which we discussed his lifestyle and history of lower-back, hip, knee or feet problems. He found this process very interesting and informative.

Having completed the 10 Step Process we discussed with him our observations and recommendations.

In Cosmas’ case his arches were so flat they were completely touching the floor.  He could also see from the scans where the pressure points were in his feet – this made perfect sense to him.

We ordered him our Customised Arch Supports (orthotics), which are made in our laboratory, to help address the knee pain.  That day we also gave him an extremely comfortable and cushioned pair of shoes into which we could fit the Customised Arch Supports when they arrived a couple of weeks later.

We believe the best solution we can offer when people have this level of problem is to give them our complete solution ie:  pair of Customised Arch Supports, a good supportive shoe (with cushion if needed) and a pair of comfortable socks.  The difference can be amazing!

Cosmas made an appointment to come back 2 weeks later to collect his Customised Arch Supports which were then fitted into his Foot Solutions shoes.  While he was there he told us that on the nights he teaches Karate, because that is done in bare feet, afterwards his knees would be in agony.  When we heard that we fitted him with a Bauerfeind Knee Support to wear during and after his Karate lessons.

Bauerfeind is an amazing German company, specialising in manufacture of braces and supports to relieve pain, provide stability and help heel injuries. The company slogan is “Motion is lIfe”, a slogan they put into practice in their commitment to sport at local, regional and international level.  They are ever-present at Olympic Games offering help with injuries for all athletes (not just the German team).  Bauerfeind have partnered up with Foot Solutions and we are happy to say that we stock their knee and ankle braces and a range of their high quality Over the Counter Arch Supports.

Anyway, back to Cosmas;  again we made another appointment for him to come back after wearing the arch supports and shoes for 2 weeks so that we can monitor how they are working for him (we do this for all our Customised Arch Support customers).  He reported that after only one week his knee pain had almost disappeared and that he no longer needs to wear knee support in bed.  He said that the knee pain used to be so bad that it caused him many sleepless nights. We advised him to perhaps wear the knee support on nights after his Karate lessons because that’s when his knees would be under a lot of pressure.

We did adjust his supports because he said that at the end of the day his arches would be slightly sore (he actually liked that because he said he felt that meant they were working) but we don’t like to think of anybody being in any discomfort. After the adjustment he no longer felt sore at the end of the day – so simple!

Cosmas is delighted with the outcome, and as a father of 4 young children with active lifestyles, he now reports that kicking football with his sons and trekking through the woods in his native Athy is pain free.  As he says himself “Foot Solutions has given me back 10 years of my life”. So important to be able to do things he loves – we are thrilled for him.

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