I say YES but my feet say NO!

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Are your feet letting you down or stopping you from doing activities you really enjoy? Do you always prefer to be ‘dropped at the door’? Have you ever skipped a sports session, a walk with friends or had trouble standing at work because of foot, knee or back discomfort? Do you find it difficult to find shoes that really fit well? Or have you come to believe that some foot pain is normal? … if so, it’s time to visit us at Foot Solutions.

More than just a Shoe Store

Foot Solutions is very different to other shoe stores. We offer personal attention. Our experienced fitters take the time to understand your requirements and circumstances first and only then will we advise you on suitable support/products.

Our personal approach to finding the best solution for you can include customised arch supports, good, supportive shoes and/or comfort socks, and we take the time to get it right for every customer, discussing your lifestyle and any pain you may be experiencing, and making observations and tests that enable us to help you most effectively. Our aim is to find a foot solution that’s right for you and your lifestyle…to help get you back to enjoying life and doing the things you love!

No more burning feet for pharmacist, Serena, after a visit to Foot Solutions!

“Blanaid at Foot Solutions listened very carefully to all of my foot problems, recorded my lifestyle and history and then used very high tech scanning machines to identify what was causing the problems. She recommended that I wear Customised Arch Supports in comfortable footwear and I can honestly say, this has changed my life!”
Serena Ferrick

Enjoy the Attention
Did you know we offer a complete holistic foot analysis? This takes approximately twenty minutes. Take the first step, schedule a visit at a time that suits you. Book your appointment online now.

Your Feet Should Not Hurt

Don’t suffer on. Visit our specialist staff at Foot Solutions and get excellent foot care advice. We’ll come up with a solution for minimizing or alleviating your foot and foot-related pain and discomfort. Book your Appointment now and get back to enjoying life.