Shoes To Avoid! Four Shoes That Can Damage Your Feet

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Here at Foot Solutions, we see many people who are living with pain in their feet and legs on a daily basis, and most do not realise that their shoes may be contributing to the problem. Wearing certain types of shoes can lead to injuries and pain in the feet, and can even cause permanent damage to the feet and legs when worn for many years.

Choosing shoes that are good for your feet is a great way to prevent injuries and protect yourself against developing painful foot conditions. Your feet are unique, and a visit to our expert fitters will enable you to find shoes that can offer the right support and cushioning to keep them healthy.

Shoes You Should Not Be Wearing:

There are many examples of shoes that can cause problems for your feet, and you should never wear shoes that pinch, squash your feet or cause pain. The following designs should be avoided wherever possible:

  1. Flat shoes. Flat shoes with thin soles, such as fashion trainers and boat shoes, do not offer any arch support or shock absorption as you move around. These are also often made of very thin materials, which cannot keep the feet warm and dry, and this can lead to problems such as blisters and calluses, too.
  2. Flip flops. They may seem convenient in the summertime, but flip flops are an invitation to foot pain. Because they rely on the toes gripping the shoe to keep it on the foot, the foot is forced into an unnatural position, and the shoe offers no protection or support for the foot at all. You should only wear flip flops for walking around the swimming pool in the summer, and do not be tempted to walk any distance in them.
  3. High heeled shoes. High heeled shoes cause the weight to be redistributed in a way that puts pressure on the feet and legs, and this can cause many different types of foot pain. Bunions are also a common result of wearing high heels, and this is because the toes are crushed together in a narrow toe box.
  4. Ballet pumps. Ballet pumps or flats are another culprit that causes foot pain, and this is because there is no arch support in this type of shoe. When you walk or run, you need a thick and cushioned sole to absorb the shock, and this sort of shoe cannot provide this protection. Don’t be tempted by shoes that are easy to slip on, but think carefully about the best way to care for your feet.

With new styles and designs that make your feet feel great, you won’t have to choose between fashion and comfort when you visit us at Foot Solutions!

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