Are Your Shoes Hurting Your Back?

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Back pain is a very common complaint, experienced by more than 80% of people at some time in their lives, but did you know that footwear could be to blame? The way in which we walk, and the shoes that we wear, have a huge impact on the health of our bodies, and a great deal of back, knee and hip pain is the result of poor footwear choices.

Most foot problems are linked to the type of footwear you choose, and it may be very simple to resolve pain by changing your shoes. However, it is a good idea to seek expert advice and a specialist shoe store such as Foot Solutions is the best place to start. You can have your feet measured by a professional fitter, and try different styles of comfortable and supportive shoes to find out which will work best for your feet.

How Do Shoes Cause Foot Pain?

Pressure. We don’t often think about the pressure we put our feet under, but it is obvious that simply by walking around all day, we put them under an immense strain. If we do not take care to ensure that our weight is spread evenly and that we wear shock absorbing footwear, problems in the feet are likely to develop as we age.

Poor posture. If posture is bad, or the way in which we walk is not even, the feet can be damaged by repeated pressure on the joints and concentrated weight in some areas. People who spend much of their day walking may not be aware of the impact that their gait can have on the feet. An uneven gait may lead to sciatica, bulging discs and other problems with the spine.

Lack of support. Wearing shoes that do not support the feet properly is a major cause of back pain, and over-pronation or under-pronation, when the feet roll in or out, can lead to lower back pain. Custom insoles can resolve this problem, correcting the pronation to ensure that the foot maintains a good position while walking. Shoes such as flip flops do not offer enough support for the feet, and should be avoided for every day use.

Fashion shoes. Fashion shoes are a huge problem for feet, since these value style over comfort and most are not designed with healthy feet in mind. Shoes that have high heels or narrow toe boxes cause the joints and bones to be pushed together, and the tendons in the feet and legs can become shortened over time. This can cause very painful problems for the knees, hips and back, as well as bunions and hammertoes.

Find Shoes To Prevent Foot Pain In Ireland

We stock a large range of comfortable and stylish shoes at Foot Solutions, and you might be surprised by the difference the right shoes can make to your feet. We’ll be happy to help you find the best options for you and your lifestyle, making your feet feel great every day.