Simple Exercises for Plantar Fasciitis You Should Try

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Plantar fasciitis is the most common source of foot pain.  Its name refers to the ligament in the foot that connects the heel to the toes and supports the arch.  If the plantar fascia gets strained or inflamed, it can cause pain and weakness in the feet.

Plantar fasciitis usually develops over a long period of time, as the plantar fascia gradually becomes more and more inflamed. When the plantar fascia is stretched or strained, it develops tiny tears.  Usually, those tears would heal on their own.  Sometimes, though, the plantar fascia is continually aggravated, which prevents it from healing normally.

Many people who have plantar fasciitis experience pain in their feet when they first stand up out of bed in the morning.  It may feel like the bottoms of the feet are stretched too tight.  This sensation can also occur when a person has been sitting for an extended long period of time.  When the body is at rest, the plantar fascia tightens.  Some people feel better after they move about a bit and the feet loosen up; however, long periods of time on your feet can make the pain worse.

There are several things that you can do to cope with plantar fasciitis.  First, you should use Custom Arch Supports (custom orthotic inserts ) to provide the feet with additional support and prevent further injury.  Visit a specialized shoe store ( custom shoe shop ) where you can have your feet examined and cast or scanned for custom arch supports.  Wear shoes and your Custom Arch Supports all the time, even when you are at home. In addition, exercises for plantar fasciitis can help.

Exercise #1

When you wake up in the morning, before getting out of bed, take a moment to do some quick exercises.  Start by massaging the arch of the foot.  You can also stretch the feet by flexing them up and down.  Repeat this stretch ten times on each foot.

Exercise #2

While sitting on the edge of the bed, place a rolling pin or tennis ball under the arch of the foot.  Roll the tennis ball of rolling pin under the foot.  Once the foot has stretched out a bit, you can progress to performing this exercise while standing.  Be sure to hold on to something to support you so that you don’t fall.

Exercise #3

The next exercise is a calf stretch.  To perform a calf stretch, stand facing a wall.  Place your hands against the wall, keeping them about even with your eyes.  Take a step back with one leg, keeping your heel on the floor.  Bend the front knee until you feel the back leg stretch.  Hold this stretch for about 20 seconds, and repeat four times.

Exercise #4

Marble lifts are another good exercise for plantar fasciitis.  Simply place some marbles on the floor next to a cup.  Pick the marbles up, one at a time, using only your toes.  Then drop the marbles into the cup.

Exercise #5

The towel stretch can be performed in bed when you first wake up in the morning or any time during the day.  Get a bath towel and roll it up.  Hold each end, and place the towel on the bottom of our foot.  Pull the ends of the towel toward your body, and keep your knee straight.  Hold this stretch for about 20 seconds, and repeat this exercise four times on each side.

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