Sports Shoes for Bunion Sufferers

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dressing of orthopedic pad on your toesBunions can be a painful and frustrating problem for sufferers, since it can be difficult to find shoes to fit around these bony growths, and wearing ill-fitting shoes can cause further damage to the feet. If you’re looking for shoes to wear during sports, which have a higher risk of foot pain or injury, it is worth investing time and money in a pair that will cushion and protect your feet, reducing pain and making your life easier.

Visit Foot Solutions to speak to our friendly advisors and find shoes that will fit your feet and help relieve foot conditions such as bunions. We pride ourselves on offering a professional measuring service and gait analysis test, and we stock a great range of styles that are both comfortable and stylish.

How to Find the Right Shoes for Your Feet:

When you’re looking for shoes that are specific to a certain hobby or activity, you may find that it is difficult to find styles to accommodate foot conditions like bunions. The key is to try as many pairs as possible, and to make the process even easier, simply follow our quick guide to finding the right shoes:

  1. Pick the right time. Don’t shop for shoes early in the morning, as your feet will swell throughout the day. It’s much better to buy shoes in the late afternoon, to ensure that they’ll fit when your feet are at their biggest.
  1. Pick the right size. Finding a shoe store that offers shoes with width fittings as well as length fittings can be very helpful if you suffer from a condition such as bunions, as it can ease your discomfort if you wear a wider shoe to accommodate the condition. Shoes that are too tight will cause rubbing, cramping and squeezing of the foot, which can worsen the problem.
  1. Pick the right pair. Don’t go for style over comfort, especially for shoes that will be used for exercising. Most shoes are not designed to ‘break in’ or stretch over time, so don’t be tempted to go for a pair that are not comfortable, convincing yourself that they will change in time. Leather shoes & boots are more likely to stretch, but synthetic fabrics will not be so accommodating.

Find Shoes to Ease Foot Pain in Ireland

If you suffer from foot pain or problems such as bunions or flat feet, it can be tricky to find comfortable shoes. Fortunately, many sports shoe manufacturers are beginning to take notice of this problem and create styles that are designed for wider feet.

Here at Foot Solutions, we know how hard your feet are working, and we’d love to show you the difference that a great pair of shoes can make. Visit us in your local branch for a free gait analysis test, and we can help you to work out which shoes will be best for you and your lifestyle.