Support Shoes for Women

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Support shoes for women are the answer to your achy feet.  You don’t have to suffer for beauty; you just need shoes that look good AND feel good.  Yes, they do exist.  If you take good care of your feet instead of torturing them in beautiful, painful shoes, you’ll be able to stay active and keep doing the things that you enjoy.  Read on to learn more about how you can find the right support shoes for women.

Choose the Right Pair of Shoes

If your shoes don’t fit right, you can end up with all kinds of issues.  You may have minor discomfort from a blister, or you can end up with a more serious and long-term problem, like plantar fasciitis.  I know, those gorgeous shoes on the clearance rack are so tempting.  Don’t fall into that trap, though.  If they don’t feel great, don’t buy them.  The idea that you just need to break them in is wrong.  Your shoes should feel good the first time that you put them on.  Otherwise, you’ll suffer each time you wear them and end up with blisters, corns, or calluses.

Identify Your Foot Shape

Feet come in many shapes and sizes.  It’s no wonder that not every pair fits your foot perfectly, even if you select the correct size; we all have different foot shapes, too.  In order to identify your foot shape, picture your footprint.  When you step onto the beach, what does your footprint look like? Can you visualize the entire sole of your foot in the sand?  Or does your foot look more like a crescent shape, with an open area in the midsection of your foot?

If you can see the entire shape of the foot, then your feet are probably flatter.  If the midsection of the foot is not visible, then you probably have higher arches.   You can get a professional assessment of your foot shape by visiting a specialised shoe store.  The professionals there will analyze your feet and help you find the support shoe that is best for you.  People who have flat feet or high arches are at greater risk for developing plantar fasciitis, which means that they need a little extra arch support to prevent problems.  You can get extra support by wearing support shoes and using custom orthotic devices (custom arch supports).

Choose the Right Shoes for the Task

Shoes are often organized in stores by function; one area has running shoes, while another area has basketball shoes.  This isn’t just intended to sell more shoes.  Shoes are specially designed for specific purposes.  You should choose shoes that are made for whatever activity you will be doing.  If you go running three times per week or more, you should have running shoes.  If you go for a long walk every day, you should have walking shoes.  If you do different types of exercises, then a cross-trainer is best for you.  This will prevent injuries while giving you the support that you need.

High heels and flip-flops are bound to make your feet hurt.  Limit them as much as possible, and stick to support shoes.  If you must wear heels, choose a lower pair, and wear them for short periods of time.  Keep the flip-flops for the beach or pool only.

If your feet hurt all the time, visit Foot Solutions in your area.  We have a great selection of support shoes for women, and we’ll help you find the pair that is perfect for your feet.  Stop by Foot Solutions UK today to check them out.