The Gift of Comfort

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When Christmas planning starts, you no doubt begin thinking of the perfect presents for your loved one; something extra special and original. At Foot Solutions, we know you want to give a gift that shows how much you care. That’s why we think the gift of comfort is the best gift of all! A gift that will make a world of difference for anyone who suffers from foot pain.

Every family has their own Christmas traditions such as Christmas morning swims in the sea or gifting books to read on Christmas eve. Though we each celebrate in slightly different ways, there’s one thing we all do without fail. We look after the people who are important to us, especially at Christmas. 

This Christmas, look after your loved ones with a Foot Solutions Gift Voucher.  Here’s how the gift of a Foot Solutions voucher becomes a gift of comfort.

Being Free of Foot Pain Means Life is More Enjoyable

The thing about foot pain is it is unseen and easily hidden. When your loved ones experience foot pain, they might not let on how much it affects them. Some people accept foot pain as a sign of ageing and starting to slow down. The good news is there’s no reason they should stop doing the things they love.

Our aim with every customer is to find a solution that helps them live a life that is full and free from foot pain. In no time at all, your loved one will be back to the active lifestyle they once enjoyed.

Why let foot pain get in the way when Foot Solutions can help? At Foot Solutions, we are dedicated to finding solutions to common foot problems and resolving foot pain. When your loved one comes to see us (thanks to your gift), we promise to take great care of them.

It’s a Gift for All Walks of Life

Foot pain doesn’t discriminate by age or lifestyle – it can affect anyone. We take thousands of steps every day, putting our feet under constant pressure to keep up. Here at Foot Solutions, we help people from all walks of life. We’ve helped retirees who run marathons, junior doctors in need of support and mums who just want to stay active. Not to mention everyone else!

For anyone that spends time on their feet, a trip to Foot Solutions is a great gift idea. For someone who likes to be active, go walking or play sports, our experienced team can recommend key supports. Good foot care can help prevent foot pain as well as ease it. 

Then there are those who stand all day at work – construction workers, hairdressers, and teachers etc. are all prone to foot pain. No doubt they would love a gift of comfort this Christmas.

We are Foot Experts

Each of our stores has a team of experienced and trained pedorthists who are specially trained in foot care. Specifically, we understand how feet work and how foot pain impacts both lifestyle and the rest of the body.

We start by looking at your feet and talking to you about your lifestyle and foot pain. These thirty-minute consultations are free and allow us to fully understand your needs. As well as discussing your general health, we take detailed measurements of your feet, noting everything from arch length to foot width. 

Next, we take a scan of your feet which shows us the pressure points and arch types you have. We then assess your gait which tells us a lot about how the foot pain is impacting your body. To test the flexibility of the foot, we conduct a physical examination. Your pedorthist will use their hands to feel for issues such as strain.

Balance is an important part of foot health and can impact, or be impacted by, foot pain. That’s why we include a simple balance test before scanning your feet to create a 3D contour map. 

Based on their findings, we will recommend solutions that can solve your specific foot pain problems. 


Custom Orthotics Helped Trina Stay Active On Holiday

Trina Horgan had experienced foot problems for ten years, suffering from both Heel Spurs and Plantar Fasciitis. This had a serious impact on her active lifestyle.

Trina says, ‘I bought over-the-counter orthotics five years ago in Foot Solutions. That was around the same time I had surgery on my feet, and they worked well in alleviating the pain. But after a while, I noticed that the pain was coming back. I’d be on crutches in the morning. I love going for a walk, but it got to the point that I’d have to ring my husband to come and collect me because my feet were too sore to make it home. I also had to stop going to the gym as I couldn’t run on the treadmill.

‘It also interfered with my holidays. We have a mobile home in Kerry, where myself and my husband enjoy a regular morning walk on the roads around the mountains. I felt I couldn’t do it any longer because I was worried I wouldn’t be able to make it back! So I went back into Foot Solutions and told the women inside about my problem. They fitted me for custom orthotics and I also got a lovely pair of runners.

‘The difference was unbelievable! It took about two days to get used to the supports, but after that, I was flying it. We were able to go on our walks around Kerry. I can walk into work in Cork city every morning and spend all day on my feet without any problems.  When we go for a walk now my friend says she can barely keep up with me! The women in Foot Solutions even helped fit the orthotics for my Converse runners, so now I can wear those again as well.

‘The visit to Foot Solutions has made a huge difference to my life. I can’t recommend them highly enough to anyone suffering from foot pain.’

Everyone Deserves A Gift Of Comfort

Foot care is at the foundation of our health and wellbeing. It’s a vital part of any healthy and active lifestyle, no matter our age, stage of life, or activity level. 

At Foot Solutions, we serve everyone from young athletes to active seniors. We provide a service that improves your quality of life and keeps you comfortable on your feet.  Pop into your local Foot Solutions store today to buy a Christmas gift voucher. Alternatively, call us directly to have a gift voucher delivered to your door.