The Hazards of Wearing Flip Flops

3 min read

Flip flops are everywhere.  You can pick up a pair for next to nothing at any clothing store, shoe store, or even pharmacy.  They come in tons of cute colours and designs, and they’re easy to slip on as you are running out the door.  They may be inexpensive and convenient, but they aren’t so great for your feet.

That’s not to say that there’s no room for flip flops in your wardrobe.  There are certain situations in which flip flops are a great choice.  Flip flops are great for keeping your feet off the hot sand at the beach.  They’re good for going to the pool and providing a barrier between your feet and the wet ground.

Flip flops are perfect for locker rooms and public showers, where you need a minimal amount of protection from the ground to prevent picking up foot fungus.  Flip flops should not be worn for extended periods of time, though.  They aren’t suitable for long walks, hiking, or playing sports.

Flip flops just don’t provide sufficient support to be appropriate for extended wear.  If you wear flip flops all day long or for serious activity, you will end up with sore feet at the very least, and possibly a foot injury.

Flip flops are completely flat on the bottom, so they don’t provide any arch support.  People with neutral feet (which means that their arch is neither particularly high nor particularly low) may be able to tolerate flip flops for short periods of time.

However, people who have high arches or flat feet need more arch support than a flip flop can provide.  If you want the comfort and breathability of a flip flop, consider a more supportive sandal from a high-quality brand like Finn Comfort, or Wolky for example.

Flip flops don’t support the ankles the way that regular shoes do, either.  When you wear flip flops, you are more likely to twist or sprain an ankle.  The lack of support from flip flops means that more stresses are being placed on the feet, which increases the chance of injury. Remember that flip flops should only be worn to walk on flat surfaces for short periods of time; they should never be worn to play sports or for extended periods of time.

In addition to the lack of support offered by flip flops, they also put you at increased risk for injury.  A flip flop is nothing more than a thin rubber pad on the bottom of the foot.  It doesn’t shield the foot from hazards.

When you wear flip flops, you put your feet at risk for getting stubbed or broken toes or cuts.  The feet could also be injured by falling objects.  Never wear flip flops while performing outdoor work.  They offer no protection to the feet, and the feet could be seriously injured by lawn mowers, or other garden tools.

It is particularly important to protect your feet if you have diabetes.  Foot injuries are serious business for diabetics; even a minor injury, like a small cut, could become infected and lead to serious consequences, including amputation.

Plenty of people want to wear cool, breathable shoes in the summer.  Fortunately, you can find shoes that offer the convenience of coolness of flip flops but still provide your feet the support and protection that they need. If you live in GlasgowPlymouth, or Richmond, you can visit Foot Solutions.  We have a large selection of high-quality, supportive sandals that will keep your feet cool and comfy.  Call in to Foot Solutions UK to learn more today.