Time To Declutter Your Shoes With Marie Kondo?

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Are you contemplating a spring clean of your house to get rid of clutter once and for all? You may be exploring the KonMari method, a dynamic new approach to decluttering and creating a home you love.

Marie Kondo has developed her popular tidying philosophy around the idea that you should only have items in your home if they spark joy for you. She suggests tidying your home all at once, committing plenty of time to the process, and focuses on identifying what motivate you to become clutter free. Read on for our quick guide to using this method to re-think your shoe collection.


KonMari Your Shoes Today

When you commit to the KonMari Method, the guiding principles will help you to target each area of your home in turn. Clothes and, of course, shoes, are a crucial area to begin with. Here’s how to tidy your shoe collection and your life with Marie Kondo:

Get everything out. Taking all of the items in each category out is the first step when you are using this method. Pull all of your shoes out from wherever they are stored in your house, and consider them all together in one big pile. You might be surprised at just how big this pile is!

Hold each pair. You should hold each pair of shoes and ‘feel’ rather than think about them. Do they spark joy? If they do, put them in your ‘keep’ pile, and if not, put them in a pile to discard. When you are considering each pair, remember how they feel on your feet. Discomfort or foot pain certainly does not spark joy!

Discard. When you have created a discard pile, you are ready to pass on these items to others, often by donating them to a charity shop. If you have trouble letting go of some shoes that you have loved but that no longer fit you, for example, try thanking them for the joy they have brought you in the past and freeing them to bring more joy to someone else.

Replace. Now you are free to put the shoes you love back into the space in which you have chosen to keep them. This should be instantly rewarding, as you will have removed all of the distractions and now only have a selection of shoes you love that fit you well.

Depending on the scale of your shoe collection and your shopping habits, you may find that you had accumulated several pairs of shoes that you did not actually enjoy wearing. Remember that shoes that do not fit your feet well can cause a number of painful foot conditions, and replacing these with well fitted, comfortable shoes will be life-changing!


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