Tips for Foot and Toenail Care

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Most of us spend a lot of time on our feet, which means that our feet take a lot of abuse.  We don’t always give them the care and attention that they need.  Use these tips for foot and toenail care to keep your feet in good condition.

  1. Wash your feet every day.  Our feet get sweaty, and they harbour bacteria.  If you normally shower in the morning, consider washing your feet before you go to bed at night to get rid of the sweat and bacteria that have accumulated on your feet during the day.  This will help to keep your bed cleaner, too.  Use warm water and soap to wash your feet.  Be sure to wash between the toes; dry thoroughly between the toes, too, so that fungus doesn’t grow there.
  2. Be sure to keep your toenails clean, as well.  This is particularly important in the summer or anytime that you wear sandals.
  3. Keep your feet well moisturized.  Make it a habit to apply lotion after every time you wash your feet at night.  In the winter, you can help to lock in moisture by applying a thick lotion or petroleum jelly to the feet at night. Then put on socks on to keep the lotion from rubbing off, so that you wake up to soft, smooth feet.  Don’t get too much lotion between the toes, though, as this can lead to the growth of fungus.
  4. Wear shoes and socks that are appropriate for the weather.  In hot weather, choose breathable shoes or supportive sandals.  When the feet get overheated and sweaty, fungal infections can develop.  In the winter, choose waterproof shoes and warm socks to keep the feet warm and dry and avoid frostbite.
  5. Eliminate foot odour.  The feet tend to sweat more than other areas of the body, which can cause odours.  If you find that your feet get very sweaty, try changing your socks several times during the day.  Buy socks that are designed to wick away moisture. Whenever your feet start to feel damp, put on a fresh pair of socks.  Give your shoes a break, too.  You can keep two pairs and alternate the days on which you wear them so that they dry out completely between wearings.  Don’t keep your shoes around for too long, either.  If they are getting worn out and seem to smell all the time, throw them out and replace them.  You can make your shoes stay fresher by using foot powder.  Sprinkle a bit of baby powder or talcum powder in the bottom of your shoes to absorb moisture and keep your shoes smelling fresh.
  6. It’s important to keep your feet dry. In order to avoid athlete’s foot and other types of foot fungus, keep your feet dry.  Moisture encourages fungus to grow.  Change your socks frequently and use foot powder to keep moisture to a minimum.  If you shower or go barefoot in a public area, like a locker room, wear flip-flops or shower shoes.  These types of public spaces are breeding grounds for foot fungus, and you could pick up a fungus just by walking around barefoot.
  7. Trim your toenails regularly.  Keeping the toenails short will help your shoes to fit more comfortably.  Trim the nails straight across to avoid developing ingrown toenails.

These tips for foot and toenail care will keep your feet healthy and in good condition. Call to your nearest Foot Solutions store for advice on Shoes, Socks & general Foot Care.