Vital Information on Fallen Arches and Treatment

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fallen archesWhat are fallen arches?  Fallen arches is the name for a medical condition that causes foot pain.  It occurs when the foot’s arch collapses, either partially or completely.  Fallen arches are most common in adults, elderly people, and pregnant women.

If you have flat feet, you are more prone to developing fallen arches.  Over time and with age, the tendons and ligaments in our feet stretch.  They don’t have the same elasticity that they once did.

Particularly if you have flat feet to begin with, the tendons and ligaments can stretch to the point that they collapse, resulting in fallen arches.  In pregnant women, the body’s muscles are loosening in preparation for childbirth.

The extra weight gained during pregnancy, can also affect the feet, weakening the muscles, tendons, and ligaments that normally support the foot’s arch.  For this reason, pregnant women are particularly prone to fallen arches.

Fallen arches are actually pretty common.  If you are experiencing foot pain, you should contact a specialized comfort footwear store, or a medical professional for an evaluation.  Also, read on to learn some vital information about fallen arches.

The Basics of Fallen Arches

Flat feet and fallen arches are not the same thing.  However, people who have flat feet are more likely to develop fallen arches.  If you have fallen arches, you will likely experience pain in your ankles, heels, legs, and lower back.

You might also notice redness, swelling, and inflammation in your feet.  This is a result of the tendons and ligaments in the feet being stretched too far.  You may even be able to recognize visually that the appearance of your foot has changed – the area where the arch should be now looks flatter.  If fallen arches are left untreated, you could eventually develop bunions or hammertoes.

Treatment for Fallen Arches

If you are suffering from fallen arches, do not ignore the problem.  Left untreated, it will only get worse.  There are a few things that you can do to improve your comfort level and prevent the problem from escalating.  First of all, focus on correcting your posture.

You can do this by getting a gait assessment.  This will help you to identify how much you pronate and how you can correct that to make your feet more comfortable.

Second, get comfortable, well-fitting shoes.  If you haven’t had your feet measured recently, do so.  Go to a specialized comfort footwear store and get a professional shoe fitting.  Your shoe size can change over time, so you may not be wearing the proper size anymore.  Choose shoes that are comfortable and also give you the stability and shock absorption that you need.

Third, get custom arch supports (shoe inserts).  These are also known as orthotics.  If you have flat feet or fallen arches, your feet need more support than a regular shoe will provide.  You can get custom orthotics that are made specifically to fit your feet.  These will manually restore the arch to your feet, keeping you comfortable on your feet all day long.

If you have flat feet or fallen arches, it’s time to pay a visit to Foot Solutions.  At Foot Solutions, we have everything you need to remedy your situation and make your feet feel good again.

We can perform a gait analysis to help you identify any problems with over pronation.  We will professionally measure your feet to help you find the perfect size, and then help you to select the perfect pair of shoes from our large inventory.

We can also fit you with custom arch supports inserts to give your feet the extra support that they need.  Come in to Foot Solutions to address your fallen arches and make your feet feel great.