Woken Up With Heel Pain?

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Have you ever noticed a pain in your heel when you step out of bed in the morning? This could be a symptom of several foot conditions, and it is important to find out exactly what the problem is in order to treat it correctly.

Here at Foot Solutions, we know that wearing the right shoes can prevent many foot problems from developing, and we are often asked to help our customers to find shoes that will help their feet to heal. This is a great place to start when you’re experiencing foot pain, and you don’t have to compromise on style, either, thanks to our great ranges of comfortable, fashionable shoes.

What Causes Heel Pain After Sleeping?

Waking up to heel pain is not a pleasant way to start the day, but it’s important to work out the reason for your discomfort. One of the following potential culprits is likely to be causing your problem:

1.    Plantar fasciitis. If you have damaged the plantar fascia ligament that runs along the bottom of your foot, you will experience heel pain on waking and getting out of bed as the foot changes position and bears weight. Ice applications and good shoes can help to relieve the pain of this condition, but rest is essential, and you may be advised to carry out specific stretches to help with the healing process.

2.    Arthritis. This may sound unlikely as there are no joints in the heel, but there are many nearby, and arthritis pain can spread, especially when you are moving or walking around. This pain commonly increases in the morning, and you should see your doctor if you are experiencing joint pain and limited mobility.

3.    Tendonitis. The tendons in your feet carry a great deal of strain, and your Achilles tendon, which joins the heel bone to the calf muscle, is a common cause of heel pain. Overuse of the tendons can lead to pain in the heels, especially on waking, and ice may be helpful here. Rest is essential in the healing process, and learning to warm up effectively before exercising can help to prevent problems in the future.

4.    Heel spurs. Small bony growths, or calcium deposits, on the heel bone can be linked to many other conditions, including plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis. These are not usually painful in themselves, but the inflammation in the surrounding area can be debilitating.

Find Custom Inserts At Foot Solutions, Ireland

At Foot Solutions, we know how important it is to find shoes that suit your feet, and we can help you by offering a professional measuring service and carrying out a gait analysis. We have a great range of footwear for all occasions, and we can advise on foot problems and offer solutions such as custom inserts that can make a world of difference to your feet. Pop into your local branch and talk to our friendly team today.